Sunday, 10 February 2013

Adventure Bar Story - Gilbert's Path Map

I hate breaking a promise. I also hate rushing things. But if I had to pick one between the two, I guess I'd rush a bit to keep a promise.

So, here is a map of Gilbert's Path. I don't think it's the best I could do. But I have many excuses:

- It's a Chinese New Year weekend
- I've been busy hanging out with friends and family.
- Worked on Saturday, and early shift this week.
- I'm sleepy.

I will definitely come back and fix this post in the near future. But for now, at least this map shows where the boss is and where to find the Misto plant.

A few things about Misto plant
- To harvest for the first time, you have to kill the boss first.
- It always spawns at the same spot.
- It is not always there. You just have to come back later if you don't see it there.

Bottom of the map is where the dragon nest is. It is not there when you first enter this area. As the story progresses, the dragon nest will unlock for you.

If you just want to head to the exit quickly, it's okay not to enter any of the caves.

Adventure Bar Story - Gilbert's Path Map

Happy Chinese New Year - This year is the year of snake.  :)

- Enna is not a bear.