About Enna

Enna is the name of my mage in World of Warcraft. I have been playing WoW on and off since 2005 so this name kind stuck to me. It sounds like a happy name. It has four letters only, nice and simple. If you replace one "n" with a "j", and reorder the letters a little bit, it becomes the name I use in RL.

Many thanks to the cousin who once told my parents, "PC Games help kids learn.". My parents did not mind too much when I played computer games, since Playing = Learning.  :p

I speak Mandarin ( Chinese ), and English is my second language. English was one of the subjects I never did well in school. That is why I always try and avoid writing guides here. I try my best to use pictures and spreadsheet if I can.

This blog was born because I wanted to share the Cafe Nippon info I collected. I thought it would be nice to talk about it too because I had fun playing it on my mobile phone. I don't think I can talk about Cafe Nippon forever though. I will move on to other games and will be posting about them in the future.

I have made quite a few good friends through games. I met MoonBeagle and Lazycat in Ragnarok, Perble Bear and a whole bunch of other amazing people in WoW. I will be glad to make more friends through this little blog. Please feel very welcome to leave comments or e-mail me.