Monday, 24 December 2012

New Toy - ASUS Matrix Radeon HD 7970 Platinum

It has been quite a few weeks since I last posted something. It's just that I got a new job and I haven't had enough time to enjoy gaming properly. I do like my new job though.  ^_^

Since I worked so hard in the past few weeks, I decided to reward myself a good video card. Here's some info about the card I bought - ASUS Matrix Radeon HD 7970 Platinum. I tested it on League of Legend, and Dwarf Fortress, both games ran really smoothly compared to my old-randomly-shut-my-PC-down-card.

It started to get really warm in Sydney these days. It's funny to say but the weather effects my gaming experience. Whenever I played League of Legend, my computer would crash whenever there was a group fight. Also it was sad that Dwarf Fortress would become really really slow. FPS was too low for me to enjoy the game. :*( I don't have this issue anymore now though. :D :D :D

I know the games I play don't require a video card like this, but hey, it makes me happy when I think about it. xD That's what matters right? :p

Hope everyone is having a good holiday time. Merry Christmas.

- Enna is not a bear

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Equipment List

Aww, I suppose an equipment list would be good. When I was missing one or two items in the end, it was so difficult to find them without knowing their names.

It might help using this list and the Monster List together. For other info about Adventure Bar Story, please visit the Adventure Bar Story Page.  :)

Hope this is useful.  :)  Good luck and have fun.

- Enna is not a bear

Monday, 19 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Otts Cave Map

So I did it, there you go, a map for Otts Cave. Hopefully you can find your way out there.

Remember wherever you go, this applies to other dungeons too, make sure you walk out of the exit near the boss at least once. The first time I went to Otts Cave, I was being "smart" and decided to walk all the way back to the entrance so I could farm more ingredients. What I didn't know was that it was the key to unlock Silkreef by walking out of the exit in Otts Cave.

Please click the image to see the map in its original size.

Adventure Bar Story - Otts Cave Map

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna is not a bear

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Shops

There are 6 shops in Cassel Kingdom:
  • Casselburg shop
  • Ostenlein shop
  • Port City of Lar shop
  • Desert City of Guid shop
  • Amiel Villa shop
  • Peddler's shop - comes to Casselburg every 5 days

I made a spreadsheet for all shops with all the available goods when I finished the game story. Some of the goods only appear after certain events happen. For example, Bait from Fred's shop in Casselburg. He would only start selling baits after you receive a fishing rod from a customer.

Since I finished Adventure Bar Story, I started to look around for another game to play. The game I want to play from Kairosoft is still not translated to English so I decided to take a break from mobile phone games.

I saw Dwarfs and Towns from Steam, so I tried their free to play or demo version. They all just reminded me how fun Dwarf Fortress is. I only spent a few minutes on Towns since the UI is just too clumsy for me. I do appreciate how they try to make Dwarf Fortress like games though. Anyway, after trying those two games, I thought I might as well take a look and see what's happening with Dwarf Fortress. Reading is just not enough. I started to play Dwarf Fortress soon after that.  xD

Warning : Learning curve is steep. However, once learnt, it's highly addictive.

Here is some good websites about Dwarf Fortress:

That's about it I think. Time to play!

- Enna is not a bear

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Party

We are going to cover the basics about Party in Adventure Bar Story:

  • Change party members
  • Change fighting positions

As the story progresses, you will have new members joining your party. Siela is always in the party and she can not be removed from it. She can bring 2 more people to go with her.

I always thought Kamerina, Siela's sister, would join the party one day but she never did. There are 6 people available to join Siela:

  • Fred
  • Alfine
  • Alter
  • Lidia
  • Elias
  • Milija

Change party members

You can only change party members in your bar. Go to Menu, and scroll up or down until you see Party.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Click Party, then it'll bring out the party list.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Let's try, replacing Alter with Alfine. We do this by clicking the name of the party member we want to remove. A list of all available names will pop up.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

You can tap through the names to compare the original party member and the others. Once decided, tap on the name, in this case Alfine. Then you should see a screen like the picture below. But we are not done yet.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

If we go Back, then the changes we just did will not be saved. Remember to click OK to save the changes. Once clicked, you'll see a screen like the next picture.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Change fighting positions

That's pretty much done. But I'd like to make one more change. I'd like to bring Fred from the Back position to the Front. I can do this by swiping on Fred's tag from Right to Left. If we want to bring Siela from the Front position to the Back, we should swipe on her tag from Left to Right.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

We don't need to be in the bar to change their positions. Party members in the front do more damage but at the same time they take more damage.

"Who is the best to bring along in the party?",You might ask. My personally favorite is Fred. If you take Fred off the list, monster HP bars won't show up, and that's kind of inconvenient. Also, I was wondering if he went with Siela often enough, maybe there will be a little love story happening. It never really happened. He gave her a necklace. That's about it.

Then I'd pick one more member based on the monsters in the area and the story. The end of the game I chose Siela, Fred, and Milija.

- Enna is not a bear

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Party Member Alfine

At the beginning of the game, Fred joined you in a party by default. It would make your life a lot easier in a dungeon if Alfine joins you early in the game.

To get Alfine, all you need to do is to make an apple pie. Don't worry about making a lot of them. One apple pie is enough.

Here's the recipe:

Apple Pie = Pie Dough + Apple + Egg ( Oven )
Pie Dough = Flour + Butter ( Bowl )
Butter = Milk + Salt ( Blender )

If this is Day 1, you just started a new game, you'll need Flour, Milk, Bowl, and Blender from Fred's shop. You've got the rest of the material. Then you're ready to cook.

In case you don't know how to cook yet. Here's how:

- Stand in front of the oven in your bar, and press OK.
- In most cases, click "From Recipe". If the dish you want to make is not on your recipe list, then you'll have to go back and select "Try Original".

Step 1.
Make Butter

Step 2.
Make Pie Dough

Step 3.
You don't have the recipe for an Apple Pie yet, so here you'll need to cook it by "Try Original".
Place Pie Dough, Apple, and Egg, as the material, and Oven as the tool.
Click Ok.

Adventure Bar Story - Your First Apple Pie

As soon as the apple pie's made, Alfine will rush in and start a conversation.

After she joins the party, visit the School of Wizardry. You'll see Alfine there. She'll show you how to get into the book tower / library. You can then enter the library, searching through all the bookshelves for recipes, and get your Secret Catalog in the secret room.

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna is not a bear

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Ottssie and Mad Ottssie

Some of the bosses in Adventure Bar Story can be a little tricky to find. Let's look at Ottssie and Mad Ottssie today.

Ottssie - Monster No.93

Adventure Bar Story - Ottssie No.93

Can you see the sparkle? It is just a couple of steps in front of Siela. There is a cave behind the waterfall. Ottssie hides in the end of the cave. Ottssie has strong resistance to ice, earth, poison, blind, silent and paralyze element. Its weakness is fire element.

To get to the waterfall, you'd have to break the stone block you find in Otts Fall / Lake. ( Here's how )

Mad Ottssie - Monster No.99

Adventure Bar Story - Mad Ottssie No.99

After the fight with Ottssie in Otts Fall / Lake, Ottssie got hurt and ran away. You'll hear from a customer talking about Ottssie being injured but still around. After that, you'll find the Mad Ottssie here in Otts Cave.

Mad Ottssie is also weak against fire element. ( Mad Ottssie is just Ottssie but mad.  :p  so you fight it the say way as you did to Ottssie. )

Mad Ottssie drops and item called Bearok. It is one of the essential items for Siela's Bear Outfit.

- Enna is not a bear

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Enna Blog Theme Change

Happy Enna has a new look now. I hope it is easier to read.

I prefer a lighter background than darker ones. The thing with a dark background is, the text lines stay in the vision for a minute or so when I look away. It dazes me sometimes.

It looks like the mobile phone version for the blog is staying the same though.

Thank you for visiting Happy Enna. Thanks for the comments. Some people e-mail me and I am always so happy when I receive them.  :)

Please feel free to add me to your google circle too.  ^_^

Happy gaming!

- Enna is not a bear

Friday, 9 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Cassel Kingdom Map

Here's a map of the Cassel Kingdom for Adventure Bar Story. You can see the name of each zone in the picture.

There are five cities in the whole kingdom:
  • Casselburg
  • Ostenlein
  • Port City of Lar
  • Desert City of Guid
  • Amiel Villla

Please click here to find out more about Adventure Bar Story.

Adventure Bar Story - Cassel Kingdom Map

- Enna is not a bear

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Blocked Paths and Caves

The stone is too heavy for Siela. Maybe when she levels up she will be able to move it? Maybe when a strong party member joins, he will be able to move it? How about mages? They can probably use magic spells to destroy the stone? I kept going back to the blocked paths or caves to see if I get lucky this time.

Nope, nothing worked.

In face, there is nothing you can do about it before you get to the part when you manage to help with the Queen. Once the Queen is healed, you then have a chance to finally meet this man in the cave in Gilbert's Path. He hides in the cave that's usually empty when you visit.

Bring a riceball with you when you visit the man. He will give you a pickaxe. Guess what it is for?

The man is there for another purpose. He will make you some equipment out of some items you show him later.

Adventure Bar Story - Blocked Paths and Caves

Adventure Bar Story - Man with a pickaxe

- Enna is not a bear

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Did you like the teddy bear Siela look? Guess what? There's a bunny Siela outfit. Please see bunny Siela in action below.  :D

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Like the bear outfit, you need to find the right equipment for her.

  • Carrot Sword ( from the farmer in Ostenlein ) - No.9
  • Silver Tray ( please check this post to find the location ) - No.60
  • Bunny Suit - No.80
  • Bunny Cap - No.123

I kept bringing seeds to the farmer in Ostenlein. I am not sure if that's how you trigger the event for him to give you a carrot sword, but that's what seemed to be the case for me.

If I remember correctly, Bunny Suit and Bunny Cap are given by the couple in Desert City of Guid. The woman in the building gives one of them, and then you walk through the wall to find her husband to get the other. Here's how you get to him. ( Hidden Path in Desert City of Guid )

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna is not a bear

Monday, 5 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

There are two secret paths in Fire Island.

The first one is in the grassy area. You can see a chest box on the map and I am sure everyone can manage that.

The second one is really tricky. It is easy to miss this one even with Misto Soup - I know I did. xD

The picture below says all. As you can see, the little island is totally out of the screen. You wouldn't be able to notice it at all if you don't walk onto the sparkle spot on the beach. It's not a straight line of course, but I will leave the fun to you.

The item in the chest box is Silver Tray - Equipment No.60 in Secret Catalog.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Monsters

I am so glad that Adventure Bar Story actually has a secret catalog in game. It would have been a bit painful trying to keep a record of everything while playing the game. Once again, thanks to Perble Bear for helping out with the list.

The monster list is sorted by monster #, area, and name. Please click on the different tags on the bottom of the spreadsheet to view different sheets.

I also made the screenshots of my monster list on secret catalog into a video and uploaded to Youtube. Hope you like it.  :)

Some zones have more than one boss. The extra bosses or monsters will only appear once the story progresses.

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in ??? for Jormungand

Finally, I have found every single item in Adventure Bar Story. The last item I found is Jormungand - Secret Catalog Equipment 25. I totally missed it when I went to the zone ??? previously. The first time I went there, I found a secret path near the exit, and assumed that's the only secret path in this zone. Why did I do that?

Thanks to Misto Soup. It made things so much easier looking for a hidden path in a mini maze.

Here's a picture of part of the zone ???.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in ??? for Jormungand

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

There are some more secret paths in this game. I will keep them coming.  :D   Have fun!


Friday, 2 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

It is not too difficult to find this one. With the box being so obvious right next to the wall, I am sure most people would try their best to find their way there. There is a guy hiding from his wife on the top of the map. He gives out some item so it's a good idea to talk to him, too.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Tora told me about this TV show his sister was watching - "Snog Marry Avoid?". I don't watch TV so it was new to me. The idea is to bring natural beauty to those who use a lot of makeups. The Before and After in all cases I've watched were quite dramatic. Some people loved their new looks, some people preferred their old ways. Either way sounds cool to me, as long as they find their happy-selves.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Special Outfit Bear Suit

One thing I like about RPG games is that they often have special events and hidden items. It's a little like finding Easter eggs.

I don't know why they often make fun of Siela's not yet fully developed chest area. She is only a little girl after all. Maybe it's some kind of jokes only little boys would understand?

I only learnt today that Siela has a special outfit - bear suit. Have you seen the bear in action?  :)

Adventure Bar Story - Siela in bear suit

To dress her like that, you need a few items:
  • Bearok - from Mad Ottssie ( No. 99 )
  • Bear Suit - from Smilo Fish ( No.98 )
  • Bear Cap - from Almer Baron ( No.90 )
Equip Siela with those items, you'll see her fighting like a bear.

I think bear suits are really cute. I wouldn't mind having one.  :p

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Adventure Bar Story Combo

I am glad the combo list is much shorter than the recipe list.  :D   Thanks to Perblebear for helping out again. Combos increase sales so it is a good idea to have at least one combo on the menu.

The number in front of each dish, for example 428 Beer, means it's listed as #428 in the recipe list.

Click here for other useful info for Adventure Bar Story.

Have fun cooking. :)


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Adventure Bar Story Recipes

It took longer than I thought to finish collecting all the recipes in Adventure Bar Story. The extra events like League of Legends Season 2 tournament and the side effect of that, playing LoL everyday, really delayed this. The good news is, we have every single recipe here. Thanks to Perblebear for taking notes down with me, and not insisting his part to be purple.

As always, you can view the list in different sorting orders by clicking the tab on the bottom of the spreadsheet. ( Names, Exp, Price, Effect, Satiety, Exp/Satiety )

There are two special dishes that bring down the satiety - Cabbage Juice and Rose Cake. They come in handy if you want to speed up the levels. Cabbage is easy to get while Rose Cake's material will not appear until later in the story.

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Have fun and Enjoy.  :)

- Enna

Thank you for helping me correcting the values, Logan!

Thank you, iPhoneGamer for correcting the Satiety Value of Veggie Sandwich.  :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Port City of Lar

My eyes were so strained for a few days. It was getting worse for a while so I started to get a little worried. I only just realized later that it is from spending too much time on my mobile phone games.

I usually play games on PCs. My monitor is nice and comfortable to look at and it doesn't really effect my eyes too much. The strained eyes came from playing games on my little mobile phone. I tend to hold the mobile phone very close to my eyes - about 15 cm away from my eyes. I took it easy for a few days. The eyes are back to normal now, thankfully.

Back to the game talk. I found a new recipe : Misto Soup  ( Misto Plant, Stock, Salt, Black Petter, Pot )
The effect of it is cool - Hidden paths glow. :)

Here's an example of how it works. You can see the blue sparkles in the picture below. This secret path is in the Port city of Lar shop.

Adventure Bar Story, Secret Path in Port City of Lar

Remember to take a break from games.  :)

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Brusso Meadows

I was farming in a new area today and nearly forgot to post a secret path here.  :p

This secret path can be found in Brusso Meadows, the first dungeon. I didn't know about it till Perble Bear mentioned. Just before you walk out of this dungeon, if you walk down instead, you'll enter this secret cave with lots of goodies.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Brusso Meadows

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Have fun!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Adventure Bar Story - The Pizza Guy

I didn't know there are so many secret paths in this game. I guess in the end we will have a collection of all the secret spots.

Have you ever noticed the well behind the bar? Someone called Moguani actually lives there! I was thinking, we should collect rent from him since he lives in our backyard. If you manage to find him, you can start selling him one pizza a day for 800G. Remember to bring a pizza with you.  :)

This is the Pizza Recipe, hight light the block to see  :p
Pizza Recipe : Pizza Dough, Cheese, Tomato, Green Pepper, Oven
Pizza Dough : Flour, Olive Oil, Bowl

Adventure Bar Story - Path to the well

Have fun!  :D

I have been going back to the pizza guy everyday with a pizza. I can't remember after how many visit, but he decided to go on a diet and gave me two recipes, Deluxe Pizza Recipe and Crab-Mayo Pizza Recipe as a thank you gift. I tried going back with and without pizza, both had the same result. He said he doesn't want pizza anymore. ( 15 Sep 2012 )

Few days after he decided to go on a diet. I went visited him again, pretty persistent huh? He told me something about a puzzle box. Later in the story line, I found a golden box and gave it to him. It took him a few days to solve the puzzle. Once he solved the puzzle, the zone ??? was unlocked. ( 5 Nov 2012 )

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog

So much for the plan of going back to Diablo III. I found another game that interests me called Adventure Bar Story.

iOS users - App Store - Adventure Bar Story
Android users - Google Play - Adventure Bar Story

Perble Bear joined me to play this little game. We started collecting recipes and making up our little recipe collection. It's good to team up with someone who knows how to cook. He has much higher chance of getting the recipes right.

There are a lot of hidden treasure and path in the game. Today I found an item, Secret Catalog - a catalog of your achievements. It contains:

Here's how you find it:

1. Go the school of witchcraft library.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog Step 1

2. Go up one level

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog Step 2

3. Go up another level

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog Step 3

3. Now you are on the top level. Walk down, and then right, then up. Now click ok.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog Step 4

4. There you go. Secret Catalog!

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog

You can find the catalog in your item list.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog

It keeps a record of a lot of useful information.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Catalog

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.


- Enna is not a bear

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Minespot Server Down

I haven't posted anything about my Minecraft Life for a bit, because the server I play on went offline for a few days without a warning.

The night before the server went offline, Mr_Kabapu and I spent a few good hours selling items to get wowenna to reach $1,000,000. Thanks a lot to Mr_Kabapu. He helped me farming and selling.

I wish the owner of the server at least said something about it when he decided to take the server down. But I guess that's just life. Maybe things came up and he got busy.

I picked up my Settlers 7 to play since I didn't quite finish it last time before I got distracted into another game. What should I do though after I finish Settlers 7? I have a few options:
  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Diablo 3
  3. Minecraft on another server
  4. League of Legend

I am thinking maybe I should pick option 2. I haven't killed Diablo, not even on the normal mode.

There's always Anime to watch, books to read, housework to do, or maybe, Kairosoft games to play.  :D

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

godwilling's Keep

I really admire how Minecraft allows so much creativity. One of the cool things to do in Minecraft is to visit other people's buildings. Everyone has their own styles.

One of the new friends I met recently is godwilling. It seems to me that he is always building something. All the buildings he creates have a lot of features. He said he just builds on the go without any blue prints or too much thoughts beforehand.

The first time I showed him my little hut, I think it was him, he said, "Oh no, your house is grieved." I was so embarrassed because it wasn't. It was just me not finishing the building. :p

Let's have a look at his new keep. I don't think he's finished the building yet when I last visited.

Water feature in the front

Animal farm

Entrance to the hall

The hall

He said he's adding more things into the building. I'm looking forward to seeing what's new next time.

- We are playing on

Sunday, 19 August 2012

PvP or Non-PvP

This is one of the subjects people often talk about on the Minecraft server I play. I can't really say I don't like PvP because I was a hardcore WoW Battleground PvPer for quite some time. But I personally prefer a non-PvP server when it comes to Minecraft.

There are lots of good points to have a PvP server. For example, it's often filled with a lot of people, some cool plug-ins, more challenging to survive, different strategies...etc.

But I came to play Minecraft for some different reasons.

  • The community - Loving and caring, you know.  :p
  • The peace - I like to quietly collect things, and go out exploring on a peaceful mode. I like the fun of creepers and other mobs jumping in front of my face. But I don't like players sneak up to me and stab me. I'd cry.  xD
  • So I don't get sick - I imagine PvPing requires a lot of movement. You've got to attack. You've got to dodge. I know I'd be sick quickly since that part of my brain just doesn't work.

While there are a lot of good PvP server around already, I really appreciate this special non-PvP server.

I also wonder why people come to this server and talk about how a PvP server is so cool. What made them stay on this server? What is attracting them here?

Saying that, what if PvP becomes the favour on the server? Then I hope there will be a cool plug-in to set a border so I can still enjoy my activities in the wild, and other PvPers can do what they like.

IcyNeko is also one who prefers a non-PvP server. He likes to explore and do some random stuff. The other day he found an abandon wheat field and created this naughty sheep.  xD  Kind of cute huh?

- We are playing on

Saturday, 18 August 2012

TheIsland, The New Rising Star

It's been a little while since I posted anything about Minecraft. It's mainly because most of the time I spend my Minecraft day doing this :

I just chat to people while fishing. Not a lot happening with me. But others have been busy.

Colin has started a town called TheIsland. I'd say it's the most active, and most popular town in Minespot server at the moment. Colin and Suzie put in a lot of effort making a good town for everyone. I told Colin I'd give him my vote for the best Mayor if there's one.

TheIsland is pretty far from the first town Everspot. That's why I was not so sure how they were going to connect the two together. Colin decided to make a looooong tunnel. The trouble is, there's a lot of water to deal with since a big section of the tunnel is underwater. I took a picture while I went there for a visit. 

The view's amazing. You get to see squids in the ocean. It's like going to an aquarium.

The people in TheIsland are friendly. They often stick together to help build the town. ( From the sound of the chat channel anyways. :p )

Colin ,Suzie, and some others have spent so much time building this. eneRt decided to give them a hand in the end, so the tunnel's pretty much done now. I'm so looking forward to trying it out.

There are some interesting public facilities in TheIsland. I shall take some more pictures and do another post about the town later.  :)

- We are playing on

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cafe Nippon Job Path

I thought it's probably easier to understand how the jobs linked together in Cafe Nippon ( Cafeteria Nipponica ) using a graph, so I made this one. It was my first time using Google Drawing. What do you think?

I will add this graph to the job list post.

Click the picture to view it in its original size.

Cafe Nippon Job Path
Cafe Nippon Job Path

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cafe Nippon iOS released

Cafe Nippon iOS is released! Here's the link to Apple Store.

That gave me the motivation to put all the posts of Cafe Nippon / Cafeteria Nipponica together into one page. FAQ is also added.

The purpose of this page is to link all posts on this blog together. Thank you for visiting Happy Enna.

- Enna

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Herbalism 1000

I think it was a bad idea trying to max Enna's herbalism skill. At first I thought 500 was the max. I was wrong. Then I thought 1000 has got to be the max. I was wrong again.  T_T But I don't think I will try very hard, for now anyway, to get to 1500. It strains my eyes looking at the sugarcane smashing action.

Find out what the herbalism bonuses are : click here.

Here's a recording of the award ceremony:

What should I level up next? I should really give herbalism a break. Maybe fishing?

- We are playing on

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Domino's Amusement Park

Domino has been working on his amusement park. He invited me to try his game machine out yesterday. As soon as I arrived, I saw the sign - "First Death : Charz" Oh, so I might actually die. Looking at my xp, 172 at the time, I chickened out. But how does the machine work? I was actually quite curious. Luckily moremolecules came to save the day.

The game goes on till someone dies.

Game 1 : Domino won - It was moremolecules's first time. We've got to re-match to be fair.

Game 2 : moremolecules won - Somehow a sign stuck on a block limiting Domino's movement. Got to re-match.

Game 3 : moremolecules won - This is so much fun. Let's play again!

I think it's really creative and fun to play. Thanks for building it, Domino. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the park next time.

- We are playing on

Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Farmer's Life in Minecraft

Minespot Server has a plug-in called McMMO. It adds more fun into the game if you like RPG. I do. So I picked a skill that interests me to start working on it. Farming is peaceful - I went for herbalism.

After a bit of work, I managed to reach 500. Woohoo! "Yay, maxed!" I thought. It was getting difficult in the end because the required xp to gain 1 point increases as you go higher at the skill. I took a screenshot and posted on the forum. When eneRt, the co-owner of the server, got online he teleported me to him and showed me the statue of me at the spawn. I was so happy.

wowenna reached 500 herbalism finally

As I enjoyed casual farming the day after, I gained 1 more point so that was 501. I was a little shocked. Oh dear, it means this is not over yet.  T_T

I started leveling the skill again. I found myself in the farm everyday when I play minecraft. Yesterday Mr_Kabapu gave me a nice surprise and made this huge neat farm for me. It takes more than 5 minutes to finish harvesting the whole thing. I easily gained more than 100 points yesterday and now at 800. 200 more points to go, and then it's over, right?

Mr_Kabapu's new farm

Here's a link if you'd like to read more about mcMMO : McMMO wiki

- We are playing on

Monday, 30 July 2012

Server Rolled Back

I got on Minecraft to harvest the sugar canes. As soon as I logged in, I noticed the chat window was hot and busy - server had a roll-back.

"Oh noes!", I thought. I ran out to see if Mr_Kabapu's big castle was still there. Looked like it was, mostly.  I then went to check the goodie chest. It was not a good news. The chest where we stored all the diamond, iron blocks, red stone ...etc, was empty. Nothing left.

Why did they roll the server back? Charz started to tell the story. So earlier, Sabino gave Charz the town money from ParadiseCity bank leaving maybe only $25 in it. When the new tax day came, ParadiseCity couldn't afford the tax so it started to collapse, including its outposts. Deco's beautiful pyramid was included, and other people's nice big buildings. So people started to panic and a server roll back was done. Somehow the roll back was not perfect. It created random holes and messed up with people's chests.

It feels like the server is not very stable at the moment. I feel they might just roll back things whenever. While I can understand why they had to do the roll back last night, I lost my motivation to do more for now. I will need to see if they will give us back the things we lost - 40+ blocks of iron, 100ish diamonds, and lots of other things. It is not funny. Once I know what they are going to do with the server, I will decide what to do then. 

* Update : We got most of the important things back. Also Mr_Kabapu's castle was all patched up. We will be recovering from that easily. Thanks to the Mods and wirm for being very helpful. I am glad it turned out well in the end.

Things got messed up

We are playing on

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

No More Minecraft-sick

It has been a couple of weeks now since I started playing Minecraft again. I had a slow start due to guest in real life, and my car-sickness-like Minecraft-sick. After a week of Minecraft training, I seemed to be able to stay in the game for hours without feeling nausea. You have no idea how sick I could get with Minecraft.

A few things might have helped my Minecraft-sick situation :

  • Head Bobbing Off
  • FOV - Set to 75
  • Less Server lag
  • Getting used to the movement

The Head Bobbing gives me a really uncomfortable feeling. I turned it off since I started playing the first time ages ago.

Perble Bear suggested I should also change the FOV setting because the default is set to the lowest. I think I'm comfortable with 75.

This server I'm playing on is only about a month old. A lot of construction, for the good, was going on. Whenever they tried to do something big, I had a lot of mini roll-backs. This has improved a lot since they've done most of the work already. Also the server's moved to a better one. It seems to be a lot better these days.

Our brains are amazing at learning things without us realizing. Well, yes, even my brain.  -.-  I'm more used to the movement speed nowadays. Though yesterday my mouse was out of battery and I had to use my wired mouse to play for a bit. That brought back the nausea a tiny bit so I decided to just wait until the mouse is charged. *sigh* Yes, a new mouse is already on the NEED list.

So, good news for me, that I no longer get the really bad Minecraft-sick.

Here's a screenshot of Perble Bear in action to reply to his post yesterday. See what he is doing? He's taking the dirt of mountains away for his secret project. I should have set up a dirt shop just for him.

Mr_Kabapu taking the dirt away

- We are playing on

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Carry Over for Pocket Clothier

There are so many things to learn in my first Pocket Clothier game. I collected a lot of Items made from the Idea Room, but I wasn't sure if I should have spent the time to use them all. I wondered what gets carried over so I didn't have to waste my time. Turned out, most of the things get carried over.

Here's a list of things that get carried over to the next game:

  • Staff Levels, Stats (Taste, Charisma, Stocking, Speed) and Skills
  • Company Rapport
  • All Clothes States, Levels, Appeal, Demand, and Prices
  • Shelves and Rack's Stats, Appeal, Demand, and Prices
  • Economic Forecast Accuracy
  • Compatibility Guide ( once discovered, they will stay there for the next game )
  • Trophy List
  • Career / Job List

Things that don't get carried over are:

  • Staff Salary, Loyalty
  • Weather Forecast Accuracy
  • Store Fund
  • Medals - use all your medals before the game ends.
  • Customer Jobs - They will start from the basic jobs again.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Walking into the Minecraft World

Perble Bear's sister came to stay with us for a few days. It was her first time in Sydney so we took her to a few places. For nearly a week I didn't play games, properly. What I did at night was watching TV with her. We watched Masterchef, Winners and Losers, Revenge, The Block, and there's another one called Once upon a time, I think. I liked Masterchef the best. The others weren't too bad but shows like Winners and Losers have so much sneakiness and hates in them. I rather live my life knowing less of those. Anyway, I hope she had a good time in Sydney and I will see her again some time when she comes again.

So, back to the games! That's the first thing I did when I was back to my own world. I decided to play Minecraft this time. Sadly I get really sick, motion sickness, when I play Minecraft. It is sad because I really like this game. A gamer ( or masochist as suggested by Lazycat ) like Enna will not give up so easily! I had a few attempts. The first few times I got really really ill and had to lay in bed for a while. However, I think I'm just about mastering it. I was able to play for a couple of hours yesterday before I got the sick feeling again.

The server I have been playing on is setup by Gamerspot/Kairospot -

Kairobot in Minespot Server
As expected, there is a Kairobot in the server. You get a set of tools and armor as soon as you log in for the first time. There are two modes - survival and creative. I'm not very creative so I tend to stay in the survival mode. The server has quite a number of plug-ins installed. I am new to those plug-ins but finding them rather interesting.

It is a new server. We have room for a lot more people to join us. Visit to find out more if you are interested.  :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Compatibility Guide Updated

Finally, we have completed the project - Compatibility Guide in picture for Pocket Clothier. I don't think I could have done this without Lazycat's help. He always gives me interesting and intelligent ideas.

Please check the post to see the latest Compatibility Guide.

The image is put together using Imagemagick and Gimp.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sushi Spinnery

There is a new Kairosoft game released today in English - Sushi Spinnery.

It looks just as fun as any other Kairosoft games. I will need to play this later though. I still have a few things I want to do with Pocket Clothier. I know if I start playing a new game, I will forget about the old one.  >_<

I was just thinking the other day - finally I'm about done with Pocket Clothier. I thought I could probably take a break and start playing other games. I have so many on my To Play list :
  • Diablo III
  • League of Legend
  • Minecraft
  • Settlers 7
  • Other Kairosoft games
Biscuits are extra nice when they are just out of the oven. Are games the same?

Monday, 2 July 2012


My Pocket Clothier did the regular crash again so I thought maybe it's a hint to post something new. I suspect it might be the phone trying to connect to the network on and off. After quite a few attempts the phone gets upset and says I've had enough. Maybe. I've turned off Wi-Fi, turned off 3G. I will probably give airplane mode a go just to find out.

It's a little tricky making up this spreadsheet for fixtures. It's been quite a few playthroughs now. The required rapport for each company may not be 100%.

When a fixture is placed at its best location, a reward will be given IF

  1. You have signed up a contract with the particular company giving out the reward
  2. You have enough rapport with that particular company

Once the reward is received, it won't be taken away even if you remove the fixture.

Other Tips and Facts:

  • If the reward is not given when a fixture is place at its best location, most likely you need to build up more rapport with the company giving out the reward.
  • It's not terribly wrong placing fixtures at a spot where it's not best location or other good location. It just means it's less likely to be used by customers ( less Appeal ). However the boost it provides would stay the same.
  • Enna sometimes plays the game when she is sleepy. The recorded data may not be 100%. Please do let her know by leaving a comment if there's anything wrong with the spreadsheet. Thank you lots. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Compatibility Guide for Pocket Clothier

Finally I've got every single piece of clothes in Pocket Clothier. It took me quite a few playthroughs, partly because I wasn't sure what I was doing for a while.

I have an idea of presenting this information in a better way, so I will update this post in the future if I ever get the idea through. ( Where can I buy some mana potion for Lazycat? ) The project is now finished. ( 6 July 2012 )

What a long list, almost not useable.  >_<  Some of the items appear on the left column and middle column, making it difficult to look things up. I made a copy of the same data and pasted the left column to the middle, the middle to the left, then sorted the data again by the name. You can find the sheet by clicking the tab on the bottom of this spreadsheet. Hope that helps.  :)

Cost down is not a bad thing. It makes the items cheaper to get from the supplier by $1 or so.

Click the image to see the original size.

Pocket Clothier Compatibility Guide

A few items look identical in the Compatibility Guide picture. Please use it as a guide and confirm with the spreadsheet if unsure.

Pocket Clothier Compatibility Guide Spreadsheet - It's such a long list. Maybe it's easier to read printed out.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cafe Nippon Update Fixed

Last time I was all OMG don't download the latest patch of Cafe Nippon. Looks like they've fixed the overlapping issue. Phew~, It's now safe to download.

I haven't been playing Cafe Nippon lately because I started playing Pocket Clothier. I learnt something new about remodeling stores in Cafe Nippon this week so I should really add / change some of the posts I did in the past. Nothing major though. I don't really know if I've told people the wrong thing. I probably have, here and there.

I know I haven't been posting for quite a few days now, a week? I have been updating though, adding info to the older posts.

What I have been working on is the compatibility list for Pocket Clothier. I am nearly there. It takes quite a few play-throughs to get everything. At the same time I'm adding more to the Job List.

Well, just so you know, I am still here.  :)

2 July 2012
Compatibility Guide has been added. ( Here )

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

List of Trophies

There we go, a list of trophies. I don't think there is more but if you see something I don't have here, please leave a comment and I'll fix it right away.  :)

12-Month Sales Record

I was browsing through a list of trophies for Pocket Clothier. I have received everything except two :

  • 5-Month Sales Record
  • 12-Month Sales Record

Of course we have to get those two as well. But how? I thought it was impossible since the weather and economy change all the time. Those two factors make the Monthly Profit go up and down even if everything else stay the same.

It took a bit of effort but we finally did it.  *cheering*

It is most achievable at the beginning of the game. This is how we did it.

Step 1 - Increase Price to 20 %

I did this to increase the price gap I can work with. It may not be necessary but I will find out when I play again next time.

 ( Menu > Shop > Shop Policies )

Step 2 - Set up Shelves and Racks as usual while making sure Monthly Balance does not go red

Step 3 - Keep Monthly Balance as low as you can the end of the day

Before the last customer walks out of the door, you want to make sure the Monthly Balance is as low as possible but higher than the previous month. If it goes over too much, open Order Settings and click on Additional Order to do a Manual Order.

Click on Additional Order

You can order the same product again and again until you are happy with the number.

Increase the # of Orders by clicking on the left green arrow. Then Place Order

Repeat Step 2, and Step 3 until you get your trophies.

Other Tips

  • If you think your Monthly Balance is very close to the previous month, save the game - so you can reload if needed.
  • The shop is quite crowded in Month 12. You might want to buy a few more things earlier in the Month ( or Day if you prefer ). Otherwise it'll be difficult to make the next few months generate higher Monthly Profit