Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do Not Update

Ohhh, this is no good. I was checking to see if there are any games to play on my mobile, and saw Cafe Nippon has an Update. I nearly went for it but quite a number of reviews saying the Update would bring in some text overlap troubles.

Let's wait a bit before they fix the problems and read the reviews first before you Update next time.  :)

Pocket Clothier

I got stuck playing LoL these two days. It is such an interesting game.  XD

By the way, did you know about Kairospot? If you are into Kairosoft Games, it is worth joining the community. You can find forums for different Kairosoft games. It's free to join after all. Then you get to read the forum, ask questions there, read game news, make friends... etc.

I got e-mail from Kairospot yesterday, saying there's another Kairosoft game called Pocket Clothier getting translated into English. It will be releasing to the Android Play Store on June 8th. ( See the News here )

I will play Pocket Clothier first and if I like it I will post something about it. I had a look at アパレル洋品店. It looks like something I might like. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My First Cafe Nippon Game

I am not the type to read about it before I play. So I started the game without knowing anything. The assistant in the game was good enough explaining all the basics.

Money was an issue. It went red almost every time after the staff got paid. We then had to skip all the 4M Ingredient Search, sometimes the whole year, which was a little upsetting. We decided to stop spending after 10M until the staff got paid next year. That seemed to work out alright in the end.

I was picky with hiring at the start. I'd pick the person with best stats out of the three. I sometimes hire them by their looks, ( shhh ), or their names. Only learned later that you end up having to hire them all anyway. I tried negotiating with those special traveling chefs. Gordy Ramsly was easy going, but Alton Green was such a snub. I spent all my cash throwing lots of gifts to Alton Green but in the end he still gave me a No. I then decided not to hire more of those special chefs in my first game.

Time went by so slowly. I couldn't change the game speed to Fast since it was my first game.

I made sure I had rank 1 in all five towns before the game ended. However I was surprised to receive a Bronze Trophy when the game ends at 16Y4M. I thought I did better.

That's pretty much what happened in my first play through. I made lots of mistakes. I wondered where to find Shark the whole game that's why I wrote about it in one of my posts earlier. ( read it here )

Things I've done right in my first game

  • Developed Chicken Bowl as much as I could - so the next game I can have a delicious Chicken Bowl to serve
  • Managed to save up later in the game - After paying the staff the numbers always went red, so I decided to limit my spending after 10M, it worked out alright in the end.
Gosh, I can't think of any other things I've done right in my first game. -.-

Things I shouldn't have done in my first game

  • Running expansive Plans starting of the year, which resulted not being able to go Ingredient Search in 4M, sometimes the whole year It was bad. :(
  • Tried hiring special staff without saving the game first - I failed one and spent all the money
  •  Serving many Dishes in stores - each Dish listed would add up to the monthly cost, serving one Dish per Store is ideal

I have a few things in mind to post in the near future :
  1. A list of Tables and Decorations ( done! read it Here 8 June 2012)
  2. How to Rank Up your restaurants ( done, too! read it Here 8 June 2012 )
  3. What I'd like to achieve in Cafe Nippon ( still thinking 8 June 2012 )
  4. Improve some of the Tables I've already posted ( done a few, working on it 8 June 2012 )
I'm pretty sure I am still missing some here. But that's all I can think of for now.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Best Ingredients for Developing Dishes?

Edit: Updated some of the values. ( 4 Nov 2012 )

Maybe if I were a good programmer -- but I'm not. Plus I don't think I can be bothered to use my human eyes and brain to sort this out by hand. *sigh*

Maybe Lazycat can do it? He is the best person at solving this sort of problem using his programming code. Let's ask him! I linked him the Ingredient Effects and anxiously waited for his reply. "No problem." OMG, he said yes.

I was too excited to sit still so I left to do the dishes. Within an hour, I got the result and the code itself!

Here's what I requested for :

A list of Ingredient combinations that would only give positive effect on the dish to be developed.

With a bit of editing, I came up with two tables.
  1. Aged Cheese is not involved
  2. Aged Cheese is involved
Aged Cheese is the only Ingredient that would give all the attributes a plus. However it can be difficult to get. You might want to save it till your Dish is nearly perfect.

Before you say IT DOES NOT WORK, please read the explanation after the Tables.

Table 1. Aged Cheese not involved

Table 2. Aged Cheese involved

Okay, Let's explain.

Why does it not work sometimes? It gets tricky when the Dish in development is close to perfect. Have a look at the pictures below. We can see, when the same Ingredients are put in different orders, we get different results because it follows two rules:

  1. Whenever the attribute is over 100, it's set to 100
  2. 1st Ingredient first. -- The game actually adds up the Ingredient 1's attributes to the Dish first, calculates it, and then adds the 2nd Ingredient's up.

Take P 1, Brain Up attribute as an example:
     Top-Class Pork does +22 to Brain Up, but Gold Ice Cream is already 100, so it's set to 100, then Gold Flakes does -11, so the final result is 89.

Let's look at P 2 Brain Up attribute:
     Gold Flakes does -11, to Gold Ice Cream's 100 -- that's 89. Then Top-Class Pork's +22 brings it over 100, so we get 100 as a result.

P 1. Top-Class Pork 1st, Gold Flakes 2nd

P 2. Gold Flakes 1st, Top-Class Pork 2nd

That's why, with Table 1, when your Dishes are close to perfect, you might not get the result you expect. However, with Table 2, as long as Aged Cheese is the second Ingredient, you can expect the attributes buffed up.

Tips and facts:

- Aged Cheese and Green Onion are the only two ingredients having no negative effects.

And of course, if the result is still not as expected after you've finished reading this, it is probably just me having some typos.  :p  Please do let me know. Thank you.

Many thanks to Lazycat again for being so amazing.  :D

Seebs made a really cool applet to help us find the best possible combination based on the ingredients we have, with this tool there is no need for guess work anymore.
"... lets you enter a dish's current stats, select the ingredients you have, and it'll tell you which combination gives the largest boost to stats." - Seebs
Here's a link to it : The Cool Seebs Applet  ( Thank you, Seebs! )

Have fun cooking!

- Enna

Friday, 25 May 2012

Price/Taste/Appeal Caps

No matter how many expensive Ingredients you throw in to develop a dish, there is a maximum Price, Taste, Appeal for each Dish. This table below shows you what the limits are.

Again, I used the data from 大盛りグルメ食堂, translated and edited with some extra features. You can click the links on the bottom of the table to sort by Dish Name, Rank, Price, or Monthly Cost.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Develop Dishes Without Any Ingredients

Enna has been so silly. She did not know it is possible to develop dishes without any ingredients. Yup, she, not me. -.-

Select the Dish you wish to develop, Remove all the Ingredients, Start Cooking!

Now Enna can reproduce her Chicken Bowl without waiting for the hard-to-get-in-the-early-months Boned Chicken and Rice. She can also make extra high rank dishes without wasting ingredients or getting the perfect attributes effected.

We had a Top-Grade Sushi with all attributes maxed to 100, but the Taste/Appeal was 899/999.  ( The maximum Taste/Appeal for this dish is 999/999. ) When we tried developing it without any ingredients, the Taste went all the way up to 999. Wasn't it wonderful!  =D

Yeah, I know I know. I decided to spend some time playing Diablo 3 the other night, but the server was down for maintenance.  T_T  Therefore, I started a new Cafe called Happy Enna.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Power Leveling

Power Leveling
Ray Coffer worked as a Ninja waiter for a long time. He took his time leveling.

One day, he was called in to be a temp 5-Star Chef. After a few months, he decided to get back to being a Ninja.

Right after the the job change, the Assistant spammed the screen with lots of messages. I was like "Woah!" The Screen looked like the picture on the right. All the sudden everyone changed from Kitchen to Floor leveled up at the same time. What happened?

It turned out that after your staff become a level 5, 5 Star Chef, they still keep accumulating the Exp, secretly. When you do a job change, the Exp will be used on the new jobs.

Chefs gain Exp much faster than those working in the Floor Area. Therefore it is a good idea to swap people around every now and then. Chefs can also gain Exp from Dish Development. How much Exp they can get from Dish Development depends on the rank of the Dish :

1 Star Dish => 100 Exp
2 Star Dish => 200 Exp
3 Star Dish => 300 Exp
and so on
9 Star Dish => 900 sweet Exp.  :)

A small Tip here -- Switch the staff before you Change their Jobs, otherwise the Assistant will not let you go easily.

I switched Ray Coffer from the Kitchen to Floor before he finished developing the Gold Ice Cream. It was so funny to see him jumping up and down with the new dish.   ^_^

A Monkey Chef ?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to Get New Clientele

Yay! My Cafe Diablo 3 finally finished. Who would have thought I am still playing this game.  :p

Remember I was trying to finish a project? I was trying to complete this table for Clientele.

Some Clienteles come right from the start of the game, some take efforts to bring them in. Most of them after a while ( when they reach 30 points ish ), they would give out a planning proposal. If you run the plan, in most cases would bring you a new customer.

If Condition A meets first, you get a popped out message, saying so and so can now come to the restaurant.
If Condition B meets first, the new Clientele will start coming in quietly.
We just need either Condition A or B to get a new customer.

The fastest way to get new Clienteles is to run those Plans as soon as you get them.

Some Condition As are left blank because I haven't worked out what they are. It could be food or other events.

Enjoy the table! :D :D :D  ( Time to play some real Diablo 3 for me! )

Thank you, MoonBeagle, for the professional advice on how to make my spreadsheet more readable. <3

Monday, 21 May 2012

Discovering New Dishes

The cute Assistant always knows better than our chefs. Whenever we are about to discover a new dish that's not in our Recipe collection, she says "A great combination."

After the new dish is discovered, the new Recipe will be added to the Recipe collection.

I haven't had any luck finding more new Recipes. If you are the lucky one, please do leave a comment so we can share around.  :)  Thank you!

Discovering New Dishes

Hina and Her Soba in Detail

Let's so straight to the point. How do you get the Housewife Hina and then receive Soba from her?

There are two main stages:
  1. Getting Hina to visit
  2. Serve a Rice dish
Pic 1 : Hina's Arrival

Pic 2 : Steps of Getting Hina

The sequence is like this :

Artist -> Lingerie Seller -> Adventurer -> Singer -> Celebrity -> TV Personality -> Exec. Assistant -> Hina

Artist gives Point Card.
Lingerie Seller gives Hostel Promotion.
Adventurer gives Theme Song.
Singer gives Add Spring Water.
Celebrity gives Endorsement.
TV Personality gives Free Vouchers.
Exec. Assistant does give you a plan but it does not help getting Hina.

Therefore, to quickly get Hina, the best way is to run those plans as soon as you can. Once you run the plan, the next housewife starts visiting. If the plan is not done by the time that particular housewife reaches 100 points, the next housewife will start coming anyway.

There isn't a plan from Exec. Assistant you can run to get Hina though. You will just have to wait until Exec. Assistant reaches 100 points. Although, I've read if you have Seafood Soup on the Menu, it will also trigger Hina's visit. ( I didn't have Seafood Soup on my Menu when Hina came. But you can give it a go if you are curious. )
Now, Stage 2 : Let's Serve Rice

Most people have trouble here. I was suggested serving Crab Fried Rice last time but it took ages so I decided to server all kinds of Rice dishes and finally got her. This time, I decided to try just plain Rice ( 4 Stars, Brain up 73, Aroma 90, Appearance 22, the rest 100 ). Hina came in, tried the Rice and gave me the Soba straight away.

I've also noticed, if she followed her friends in, even if she tried the Rice, she wouldn't say a word. That is why sometimes we need to wait a bit.

I was just curious so I reloaded the game and tried serving Crab Fried Rice. ( 5 Stars ) Five months passed and she had tried the dish many times but she just kept quiet. So I am wondering, since Crab Fried Rice worked for some people, maybe it's a little random each playthough?

I hope this helps people getting the Soba. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will try and work it out together.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

How to Remove A Dish

Aww, I have not been lazy about posting. It is just that I have been working on a really big list for Cafe Nippon. It kind of requires me to play though the whole game. I am just going to post a small one here today since I have not finished that big project.

It may appear to you that it is quite simple to remove a dish from the menu. But I didn't think it was possible the first time I played the game. I thought the only way to remove a dish was to switch it to another dish. I only realized later that you can just simply remove a dish.

Here's How:
  1. Menu > Dishes > Select Dishes
  2. Select the Dish you wish you remove
  3. Click the "Remove" Button on the bottom left
Simple as that!  ^_^

My next post will be Hina and her Soba. I realized a lot of people are still having a bit of trouble getting her Soba. I will make a post about that in details.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Where Do You Get Shark?

It was from the 3rd chest we found at that place, Veggie Market in Greenville. We opened the chest up and found those pieces of paper:

3rd Chest, Veggie Market, Greenville

Oh, yes! More Recipes!! So you need Shark Fin Soup + Caviar + Foie Gras to make Bird's Nest Soup. What about Shark Fin Soup? As you see in the picture, Shark Fin Soup Recipe is missing more than half of the paper!

Could this Bird's Nest Soup be our masterpiece dish? Could it be the most expensive, exotic food we are able to serve our customers? Do you know where to get Shark meat?

We started to panic. We decided to go through all the treasure hunting places to find the recipe. Or even, maybe the Pumpkin company may sell Shark meat? We talked to all the customers, served them all kinds of dishes even if they are not very profitable.

We found nothing. T_T Our chefs were all very anxious. WHAT IF other restaurants found the recipe FIRST!? We Googled, and Wikied. To our surprise, we found the Shark Fin Soup Recipe from 大盛りグルメ食堂. The Japanese had made it already. Luckily they were so kind and shared the secret.

The truth is
  • There is no Shark in Cafe Nippon. ( They made it that way so it's safe for kids to play. :p )
  • Shark Fin Soup is made of Seafood Soup, Tasty Fish, and Secret Sauce.
  • The Shark Fin Soup Recipe is discovered by Chefs developing dishes.

Note: The Story above is made up by Enna for entertaining purpose. She sometimes thinks she lives in the game she plays. She also talks about herself as a third person occasionally. For the full list of Cafe Nippon Recipe, please click Here.

Starting Menu

Diablo 3 is out so there is less time to spend on running a Cafe. It is my first priority to keep the world safe and balanced.  :p

I decided to start a new Cafe yesterday. Just so I can take some nice screenies and pay more attention to details.

Which Starting Menu should I pick this time? It makes it a lot easier starting with a good dish. I picked the Japanese Menu because I have already made my Chicken Bowl perfect in the previously games.

Cafe Nippon Starting Menu

In case you prefer text, there are four starting menus
   1. Snacks : Rice, Karaage, Toast
   2. Japanese : Chicken Bowl, Udon, Seafood Soup
   3. Chinese : Fried Rice, Shumai, Veggie Stir Fry
   4. Western : Omelette, Spaghetti, Salad

Hmm, Cafe names...
I have made a few Cafes :
   1. SunnyBunny : What I use sometimes as a nickname when I play games.
   2. All Blue : Related to an anime called "One Piece".
   3. Sanjino : Related to an anime called "One Piece", again.
   4. Genki : a Japanese word meaning full of life or energetic. Isn't it nice to be Genki? :)
This new Cafe is going to be named Diablo 3. Can't think of anything else right now.  -.-

Let's go kill Diablo together!! *cough cough* I mean, let's open more restaurants and make delicious food to serve our customers!

Treasure Chests

The first time I played Cafe Nippon ( Cafeteria Nipponica ), I often had trouble getting enough fund to do Treasure Hunts. April was almost always a bad month since we pay the staff in March. I haven't had any trouble since the second time I started the game though. I decided to only serve my most expensive dish unless I am after something special.

Treasure Hunts happens on Month 1, 4, 7, 10 every year.

Food Info helps finding chests.
  • Food Info Lv1 equipped : 1.5 people
  • Food Info Lv2 equipped : 2    people
  • Food Info Lv3 equipped:  3    people
Take Local Woods as an example :
If you send one person with Food Info Lv3 equipped, that is all you need to discover a chest there.

Heavenly Hills > Kario Island > Chest #6 is unlocked when Heavenly Hills reaches ranking #1.

The info used in the table above is from  大盛りグルメ食堂. Translated and edited by Enna.

For info about what Ingredients you can get from Treasure Hunts, please click ( here ).

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How to Hire the Special Employees

We can hire special employees one by one from the Plan. We have to first negotiate with them. There are three options when we do so :

  • Raise the salary
  • Send small gifts
  • Send expensive offers

As most employers would do, I always neglect to raise their starting salary. And that is why when I read that you can get all of the special people by just sending them expensive offers, and keep the starting salary to 0.1k, I had to give it a go.

Does it work? Yes. Is it worth it? It depends.

Hire Alton Green
Take Alton Green in the picture as an example, I sent him loads of expensive offers and hired him successfully. It cost 630k in total. But I get to pay him 0.1k per month until he asks for a pay raise.

I tried again. This time I raised the starting salary without any other gifts or offers. I managed to get him by giving him a starting salary 2.7k. ( 32.4k/year ) This turned out to be a better outcome for me as I usually just start another game soon after the game "ends" ( 16Y 3M )

If you are just playing this game for the first time. I wouldn't worry too much about those special people. If you do want to give it a go, save first, that way you can just go Menu > System > Title Screen > Start and load it back if you are not happy with it.

Here's a list of special people you can hire ( sorted by their first names )
  1. Alton Green
  2. Ann Nonymous
  3. Balsa Mick
  4. Clemin Tyne
  5. Ginela Clawson
  6. Gordon Ramsly
  7. Julia Kid ( Thanks to Hasseno for the info <3 )
  8. Margie Fuller
  9. Natalie Duvet
  10. Pine Appleton
  11. Rachel Raygun
  12. Snowy Hilton
Good luck and have fun!  =D

Note : We know the skills of the special staff will be carried onto the next game you play if you manage to "finish" the game ( 16Y3M ). We don't know if the salary will be carried or reset to 0.1k again when you try and negotiate with the special employees in the new game. I will update the post when I find out.

Confirmed by shukuen that special employees' salary won't be carried over to your next game. Therefore if you have already hired some with expensive salary, don't worry. How much you will need to pay them in the next game is depended on the negotiation next time.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Treasure Hunt for Ingredients

I never have the patience to wait until Pumpkin Products finds all the routes to all the suppliers. I prefer taking all my staff out and treasure hunt for the ingredients, like Tasty Fish, Gold Flakes..etc. However it was always a little based on luck, since I have a nickname, Goldfish. ( I am very forgetful. -.- )

Thanks again to the Japanese Wiki ( 大盛りグルメ食堂 ). I managed to collect all the info and now we know exactly where things are. Please do let me know if there is any mistakes. Thank you. =D

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ingredients and the Numbers

Edit 21 Sep 2012
Thanks to Seebs pointing out some errors in the previous Ingredient Effects Spreadsheet. It's now re-checked and updated. ( Some values are different from 大盛りグルメ食堂 but this spreadsheet is re-done based on our English Version Cafeteria Nipponica. )

I knew each ingredient has different effects on dishes. But someone actually worked out and recorded all those little numbers. I am pretty sure some people would be interested to know them all. I translated ( and guessed ) the table from the Japanese Wiki Site ( 大盛りグルメ食堂 ). Now we know how to develop dishes better.  :D

H : Health Up
B : Brain Up
T : Texture
Ar : Aroma
Ap : Appearance
V : Volume
R : Rarity
C : Charisma

You can also use the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the info sorted in different ways. The previous spreadsheet is still kept just in case that's the one you prefer. ( use the little " < " or " > " to scroll left and right )

If you are looking for the ingredient combinations that would only give positive results, please click Here.

Thanks to MoonBeagle for helping me making the table.  ^_^

Job List

Just when I thought I had completed most of this game, I found out there are more jobs available today. Here's the list of all the jobs. Oh dear, looks like more time is needed to get them all.

I have been trying to get Ray Coffer to get the highest of everything since he is one of the first staff. He has become a 5-Star Chef. He's working on the Floor area at the moment, being a Roller Skater. It's so cute the way he moves about in the restaurant. Serena Lam is another staff that works for me right from day one. She has also finished all the training in the kitchen. At the moment she is playing the violin, being a Musician, on the Floor area.

To read about how to power leveling your staff, please click Here.

Edit : Just thought a picture would explain how the jobs are linked to each other better. Click the picture to view it in the original size. (15 Aug 2012)

Cafe Nippon Job Path
Cafe Nippon Job Path

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hina's Soba

I finally got my Soba dish from the Housewife Hina. It took me a few game years.

I decided to have all three restaurants serving rice dishes only. One fine afternoon, Hina came and tried one of the dishes. She walked up to me and said (with tears in her eyes) "Thank you for your delicious rice." while holding a bowl of soba noodles.  :p   I am not sure which rice dish she liked the best. Most people mentioned it would be the Crab Fried Rice. I did not care. I quickly thanked her and took the Soba off her hand.  :p

It is not a big deal without Soba. It just feels like I didn't get that point if I didn't have it. I will try serving her a rice dish when I invite her next time in the new game. Maybe that will make things easier.

"To get soba, you need to first unlock all housewife clientele. You start with artist, who gives you the point card plan. That plan unlocks Lingerie Seller. She'll give you the inn alliance plan, which unlocks the Adventurer. The Adventurer gives you the theme song plan, which unlocks the Singer. The Singer gives you the mineral water plan, which unlocks the Celebrity. She gives you the celebrity endorsement plan, which unlocks the TV Personality. The TV Personality gives you the free meal ticket plan, which unlocks the Executive Secretary. Finally, when you have enough points from the Executive Secretary AND you have Seafood Soup on the menu, the final housewife, Hina, will approach you about wanting to try your soup, which unlocks her. You must also have Rice on the menu because she will only give you the soba if she eats the rice."  ----  Sandiera Kairospot

Now that's one thing done. I will get back to developing new dishes again.  :D

Monday, 7 May 2012

Cafeteria Nipponica Recipes

View the Recipes in different orders by clicking the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Check out the newly added Cafe Nippon Page. ( A collection of useful links and FAQs )

Frequently used spreadsheets :

I want your spreadsheets! - You can have them. I'm glad you found them useful. The combined spreadsheets are sorted in its original order.

Cafe Nippon Spreadsheet - Public Edit Version - Since everyone wants to view the info differently, I've prepared this for everyone to edit. It is a separate copy of the spreadsheet above. Feel free to play with it. Have fun!

Enna will be extra happy if you can leave a comment here to encourage her to do more.  :)  Enjoy!