Tuesday, 21 August 2012

godwilling's Keep

I really admire how Minecraft allows so much creativity. One of the cool things to do in Minecraft is to visit other people's buildings. Everyone has their own styles.

One of the new friends I met recently is godwilling. It seems to me that he is always building something. All the buildings he creates have a lot of features. He said he just builds on the go without any blue prints or too much thoughts beforehand.

The first time I showed him my little hut, I think it was him, he said, "Oh no, your house is grieved." I was so embarrassed because it wasn't. It was just me not finishing the building. :p

Let's have a look at his new keep. I don't think he's finished the building yet when I last visited.

Water feature in the front

Animal farm

Entrance to the hall

The hall

He said he's adding more things into the building. I'm looking forward to seeing what's new next time.

- We are playing on serv.Minespot.net

Sunday, 19 August 2012

PvP or Non-PvP

This is one of the subjects people often talk about on the Minecraft server I play. I can't really say I don't like PvP because I was a hardcore WoW Battleground PvPer for quite some time. But I personally prefer a non-PvP server when it comes to Minecraft.

There are lots of good points to have a PvP server. For example, it's often filled with a lot of people, some cool plug-ins, more challenging to survive, different strategies...etc.

But I came to play Minecraft for some different reasons.

  • The community - Loving and caring, you know.  :p
  • The peace - I like to quietly collect things, and go out exploring on a peaceful mode. I like the fun of creepers and other mobs jumping in front of my face. But I don't like players sneak up to me and stab me. I'd cry.  xD
  • So I don't get sick - I imagine PvPing requires a lot of movement. You've got to attack. You've got to dodge. I know I'd be sick quickly since that part of my brain just doesn't work.

While there are a lot of good PvP server around already, I really appreciate this special non-PvP server.

I also wonder why people come to this server and talk about how a PvP server is so cool. What made them stay on this server? What is attracting them here?

Saying that, what if PvP becomes the favour on the server? Then I hope there will be a cool plug-in to set a border so I can still enjoy my activities in the wild, and other PvPers can do what they like.

IcyNeko is also one who prefers a non-PvP server. He likes to explore and do some random stuff. The other day he found an abandon wheat field and created this naughty sheep.  xD  Kind of cute huh?

- We are playing on serv.Minespot.net

Saturday, 18 August 2012

TheIsland, The New Rising Star

It's been a little while since I posted anything about Minecraft. It's mainly because most of the time I spend my Minecraft day doing this :

I just chat to people while fishing. Not a lot happening with me. But others have been busy.

Colin has started a town called TheIsland. I'd say it's the most active, and most popular town in Minespot server at the moment. Colin and Suzie put in a lot of effort making a good town for everyone. I told Colin I'd give him my vote for the best Mayor if there's one.

TheIsland is pretty far from the first town Everspot. That's why I was not so sure how they were going to connect the two together. Colin decided to make a looooong tunnel. The trouble is, there's a lot of water to deal with since a big section of the tunnel is underwater. I took a picture while I went there for a visit. 

The view's amazing. You get to see squids in the ocean. It's like going to an aquarium.

The people in TheIsland are friendly. They often stick together to help build the town. ( From the sound of the chat channel anyways. :p )

Colin ,Suzie, and some others have spent so much time building this. eneRt decided to give them a hand in the end, so the tunnel's pretty much done now. I'm so looking forward to trying it out.

There are some interesting public facilities in TheIsland. I shall take some more pictures and do another post about the town later.  :)

- We are playing on serv.Minespot.net

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cafe Nippon Job Path

I thought it's probably easier to understand how the jobs linked together in Cafe Nippon ( Cafeteria Nipponica ) using a graph, so I made this one. It was my first time using Google Drawing. What do you think?

I will add this graph to the job list post.

Click the picture to view it in its original size.

Cafe Nippon Job Path
Cafe Nippon Job Path

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cafe Nippon iOS released

Cafe Nippon iOS is released! Here's the link to Apple Store.


That gave me the motivation to put all the posts of Cafe Nippon / Cafeteria Nipponica together into one page. FAQ is also added.


The purpose of this page is to link all posts on this blog together. Thank you for visiting Happy Enna.

- Enna

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Herbalism 1000

I think it was a bad idea trying to max Enna's herbalism skill. At first I thought 500 was the max. I was wrong. Then I thought 1000 has got to be the max. I was wrong again.  T_T But I don't think I will try very hard, for now anyway, to get to 1500. It strains my eyes looking at the sugarcane smashing action.

Find out what the herbalism bonuses are : click here.

Here's a recording of the award ceremony:

What should I level up next? I should really give herbalism a break. Maybe fishing?

- We are playing on serv.minespot.net

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Domino's Amusement Park

Domino has been working on his amusement park. He invited me to try his game machine out yesterday. As soon as I arrived, I saw the sign - "First Death : Charz" Oh, so I might actually die. Looking at my xp, 172 at the time, I chickened out. But how does the machine work? I was actually quite curious. Luckily moremolecules came to save the day.

The game goes on till someone dies.

Game 1 : Domino won - It was moremolecules's first time. We've got to re-match to be fair.

Game 2 : moremolecules won - Somehow a sign stuck on a block limiting Domino's movement. Got to re-match.

Game 3 : moremolecules won - This is so much fun. Let's play again!

I think it's really creative and fun to play. Thanks for building it, Domino. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the park next time.

- We are playing on serv.minespot.net

Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Farmer's Life in Minecraft

Minespot Server has a plug-in called McMMO. It adds more fun into the game if you like RPG. I do. So I picked a skill that interests me to start working on it. Farming is peaceful - I went for herbalism.

After a bit of work, I managed to reach 500. Woohoo! "Yay, maxed!" I thought. It was getting difficult in the end because the required xp to gain 1 point increases as you go higher at the skill. I took a screenshot and posted on the forum. When eneRt, the co-owner of the server, got online he teleported me to him and showed me the statue of me at the spawn. I was so happy.

wowenna reached 500 herbalism finally

As I enjoyed casual farming the day after, I gained 1 more point so that was 501. I was a little shocked. Oh dear, it means this is not over yet.  T_T

I started leveling the skill again. I found myself in the farm everyday when I play minecraft. Yesterday Mr_Kabapu gave me a nice surprise and made this huge neat farm for me. It takes more than 5 minutes to finish harvesting the whole thing. I easily gained more than 100 points yesterday and now at 800. 200 more points to go, and then it's over, right?

Mr_Kabapu's new farm

Here's a link if you'd like to read more about mcMMO : McMMO wiki

- We are playing on serv.minespot.net