Saturday, 16 August 2014

To Be Continued

Can you believe that? I have been playing games for as long as I remember. But one day I just stopped playing them like crazy.

My eyes were really strained after playing mobile phone games for a long time. It's difficult to stop once you start. I thought I should just give it a break for now.

I have been casually playing some other games like Terraria, Recettear An Item Shop, Craft The World, and some other games but there's not much I can contribute here since I haven't finished any one of them.

I just want to come by and say a big thank you for visiting the site. And sorry if I haven't replied to your messages or questions. It's been a while and I can hardly remember how to play those games exactly. So what you read is what I have. Feel free to leave a comment still, and hopefully someone nice will answer your question.

Happy gaming. <3

- Enna is a bear  :p  Yes, she is now.