Monday, 30 July 2012

Server Rolled Back

I got on Minecraft to harvest the sugar canes. As soon as I logged in, I noticed the chat window was hot and busy - server had a roll-back.

"Oh noes!", I thought. I ran out to see if Mr_Kabapu's big castle was still there. Looked like it was, mostly.  I then went to check the goodie chest. It was not a good news. The chest where we stored all the diamond, iron blocks, red stone ...etc, was empty. Nothing left.

Why did they roll the server back? Charz started to tell the story. So earlier, Sabino gave Charz the town money from ParadiseCity bank leaving maybe only $25 in it. When the new tax day came, ParadiseCity couldn't afford the tax so it started to collapse, including its outposts. Deco's beautiful pyramid was included, and other people's nice big buildings. So people started to panic and a server roll back was done. Somehow the roll back was not perfect. It created random holes and messed up with people's chests.

It feels like the server is not very stable at the moment. I feel they might just roll back things whenever. While I can understand why they had to do the roll back last night, I lost my motivation to do more for now. I will need to see if they will give us back the things we lost - 40+ blocks of iron, 100ish diamonds, and lots of other things. It is not funny. Once I know what they are going to do with the server, I will decide what to do then. 

* Update : We got most of the important things back. Also Mr_Kabapu's castle was all patched up. We will be recovering from that easily. Thanks to the Mods and wirm for being very helpful. I am glad it turned out well in the end.

Things got messed up

We are playing on

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

No More Minecraft-sick

It has been a couple of weeks now since I started playing Minecraft again. I had a slow start due to guest in real life, and my car-sickness-like Minecraft-sick. After a week of Minecraft training, I seemed to be able to stay in the game for hours without feeling nausea. You have no idea how sick I could get with Minecraft.

A few things might have helped my Minecraft-sick situation :

  • Head Bobbing Off
  • FOV - Set to 75
  • Less Server lag
  • Getting used to the movement

The Head Bobbing gives me a really uncomfortable feeling. I turned it off since I started playing the first time ages ago.

Perble Bear suggested I should also change the FOV setting because the default is set to the lowest. I think I'm comfortable with 75.

This server I'm playing on is only about a month old. A lot of construction, for the good, was going on. Whenever they tried to do something big, I had a lot of mini roll-backs. This has improved a lot since they've done most of the work already. Also the server's moved to a better one. It seems to be a lot better these days.

Our brains are amazing at learning things without us realizing. Well, yes, even my brain.  -.-  I'm more used to the movement speed nowadays. Though yesterday my mouse was out of battery and I had to use my wired mouse to play for a bit. That brought back the nausea a tiny bit so I decided to just wait until the mouse is charged. *sigh* Yes, a new mouse is already on the NEED list.

So, good news for me, that I no longer get the really bad Minecraft-sick.

Here's a screenshot of Perble Bear in action to reply to his post yesterday. See what he is doing? He's taking the dirt of mountains away for his secret project. I should have set up a dirt shop just for him.

Mr_Kabapu taking the dirt away

- We are playing on

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Carry Over for Pocket Clothier

There are so many things to learn in my first Pocket Clothier game. I collected a lot of Items made from the Idea Room, but I wasn't sure if I should have spent the time to use them all. I wondered what gets carried over so I didn't have to waste my time. Turned out, most of the things get carried over.

Here's a list of things that get carried over to the next game:

  • Staff Levels, Stats (Taste, Charisma, Stocking, Speed) and Skills
  • Company Rapport
  • All Clothes States, Levels, Appeal, Demand, and Prices
  • Shelves and Rack's Stats, Appeal, Demand, and Prices
  • Economic Forecast Accuracy
  • Compatibility Guide ( once discovered, they will stay there for the next game )
  • Trophy List
  • Career / Job List

Things that don't get carried over are:

  • Staff Salary, Loyalty
  • Weather Forecast Accuracy
  • Store Fund
  • Medals - use all your medals before the game ends.
  • Customer Jobs - They will start from the basic jobs again.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Walking into the Minecraft World

Perble Bear's sister came to stay with us for a few days. It was her first time in Sydney so we took her to a few places. For nearly a week I didn't play games, properly. What I did at night was watching TV with her. We watched Masterchef, Winners and Losers, Revenge, The Block, and there's another one called Once upon a time, I think. I liked Masterchef the best. The others weren't too bad but shows like Winners and Losers have so much sneakiness and hates in them. I rather live my life knowing less of those. Anyway, I hope she had a good time in Sydney and I will see her again some time when she comes again.

So, back to the games! That's the first thing I did when I was back to my own world. I decided to play Minecraft this time. Sadly I get really sick, motion sickness, when I play Minecraft. It is sad because I really like this game. A gamer ( or masochist as suggested by Lazycat ) like Enna will not give up so easily! I had a few attempts. The first few times I got really really ill and had to lay in bed for a while. However, I think I'm just about mastering it. I was able to play for a couple of hours yesterday before I got the sick feeling again.

The server I have been playing on is setup by Gamerspot/Kairospot -

Kairobot in Minespot Server
As expected, there is a Kairobot in the server. You get a set of tools and armor as soon as you log in for the first time. There are two modes - survival and creative. I'm not very creative so I tend to stay in the survival mode. The server has quite a number of plug-ins installed. I am new to those plug-ins but finding them rather interesting.

It is a new server. We have room for a lot more people to join us. Visit to find out more if you are interested.  :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Compatibility Guide Updated

Finally, we have completed the project - Compatibility Guide in picture for Pocket Clothier. I don't think I could have done this without Lazycat's help. He always gives me interesting and intelligent ideas.

Please check the post to see the latest Compatibility Guide.

The image is put together using Imagemagick and Gimp.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sushi Spinnery

There is a new Kairosoft game released today in English - Sushi Spinnery.

It looks just as fun as any other Kairosoft games. I will need to play this later though. I still have a few things I want to do with Pocket Clothier. I know if I start playing a new game, I will forget about the old one.  >_<

I was just thinking the other day - finally I'm about done with Pocket Clothier. I thought I could probably take a break and start playing other games. I have so many on my To Play list :
  • Diablo III
  • League of Legend
  • Minecraft
  • Settlers 7
  • Other Kairosoft games
Biscuits are extra nice when they are just out of the oven. Are games the same?

Monday, 2 July 2012


My Pocket Clothier did the regular crash again so I thought maybe it's a hint to post something new. I suspect it might be the phone trying to connect to the network on and off. After quite a few attempts the phone gets upset and says I've had enough. Maybe. I've turned off Wi-Fi, turned off 3G. I will probably give airplane mode a go just to find out.

It's a little tricky making up this spreadsheet for fixtures. It's been quite a few playthroughs now. The required rapport for each company may not be 100%.

When a fixture is placed at its best location, a reward will be given IF

  1. You have signed up a contract with the particular company giving out the reward
  2. You have enough rapport with that particular company

Once the reward is received, it won't be taken away even if you remove the fixture.

Other Tips and Facts:

  • If the reward is not given when a fixture is place at its best location, most likely you need to build up more rapport with the company giving out the reward.
  • It's not terribly wrong placing fixtures at a spot where it's not best location or other good location. It just means it's less likely to be used by customers ( less Appeal ). However the boost it provides would stay the same.
  • Enna sometimes plays the game when she is sleepy. The recorded data may not be 100%. Please do let her know by leaving a comment if there's anything wrong with the spreadsheet. Thank you lots. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Compatibility Guide for Pocket Clothier

Finally I've got every single piece of clothes in Pocket Clothier. It took me quite a few playthroughs, partly because I wasn't sure what I was doing for a while.

I have an idea of presenting this information in a better way, so I will update this post in the future if I ever get the idea through. ( Where can I buy some mana potion for Lazycat? ) The project is now finished. ( 6 July 2012 )

What a long list, almost not useable.  >_<  Some of the items appear on the left column and middle column, making it difficult to look things up. I made a copy of the same data and pasted the left column to the middle, the middle to the left, then sorted the data again by the name. You can find the sheet by clicking the tab on the bottom of this spreadsheet. Hope that helps.  :)

Cost down is not a bad thing. It makes the items cheaper to get from the supplier by $1 or so.

Click the image to see the original size.

Pocket Clothier Compatibility Guide

A few items look identical in the Compatibility Guide picture. Please use it as a guide and confirm with the spreadsheet if unsure.

Pocket Clothier Compatibility Guide Spreadsheet - It's such a long list. Maybe it's easier to read printed out.