Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cafe Nippon Update Fixed

Last time I was all OMG don't download the latest patch of Cafe Nippon. Looks like they've fixed the overlapping issue. Phew~, It's now safe to download.

I haven't been playing Cafe Nippon lately because I started playing Pocket Clothier. I learnt something new about remodeling stores in Cafe Nippon this week so I should really add / change some of the posts I did in the past. Nothing major though. I don't really know if I've told people the wrong thing. I probably have, here and there.

I know I haven't been posting for quite a few days now, a week? I have been updating though, adding info to the older posts.

What I have been working on is the compatibility list for Pocket Clothier. I am nearly there. It takes quite a few play-throughs to get everything. At the same time I'm adding more to the Job List.

Well, just so you know, I am still here.  :)

2 July 2012
Compatibility Guide has been added. ( Here )

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

List of Trophies

There we go, a list of trophies. I don't think there is more but if you see something I don't have here, please leave a comment and I'll fix it right away.  :)

12-Month Sales Record

I was browsing through a list of trophies for Pocket Clothier. I have received everything except two :

  • 5-Month Sales Record
  • 12-Month Sales Record

Of course we have to get those two as well. But how? I thought it was impossible since the weather and economy change all the time. Those two factors make the Monthly Profit go up and down even if everything else stay the same.

It took a bit of effort but we finally did it.  *cheering*

It is most achievable at the beginning of the game. This is how we did it.

Step 1 - Increase Price to 20 %

I did this to increase the price gap I can work with. It may not be necessary but I will find out when I play again next time.

 ( Menu > Shop > Shop Policies )

Step 2 - Set up Shelves and Racks as usual while making sure Monthly Balance does not go red

Step 3 - Keep Monthly Balance as low as you can the end of the day

Before the last customer walks out of the door, you want to make sure the Monthly Balance is as low as possible but higher than the previous month. If it goes over too much, open Order Settings and click on Additional Order to do a Manual Order.

Click on Additional Order

You can order the same product again and again until you are happy with the number.

Increase the # of Orders by clicking on the left green arrow. Then Place Order

Repeat Step 2, and Step 3 until you get your trophies.

Other Tips

  • If you think your Monthly Balance is very close to the previous month, save the game - so you can reload if needed.
  • The shop is quite crowded in Month 12. You might want to buy a few more things earlier in the Month ( or Day if you prefer ). Otherwise it'll be difficult to make the next few months generate higher Monthly Profit

Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to Develop A Perfect Dish

I have been wanting to do a guide about Dish Development in Cafe Nippon, but you know me, I try and avoid posting guides.  >_<  Anyway, I will give it a go here.

What I am going to explain is how Enna develops her perfect dishes in the game. There are other ways to develop dishes but this is how she does it. I am going to cover two main parts here :

  • Taste, Appeal, and Price
  • Inner Stats : Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma, Appearance, Volume, Rarity, Charisma

If you don't like the details, this is my favorite way :
  1. Use Top-Class Pork as the 1st Ingredient, and Gold Flakes as the 2nd - Keep using this combination until there's no effect on the Dish's Inner Stats ( 100, 89, 100, 95, 100, 84, 100, 100 )
  2. Use Aged Cheese ( one Ingredient only ) to develop, creating the final Dish with all Inner Sats 100.

Next, we will talk about the details.

Taste, Appeal, and Price

When we pick our Ingredients, we can see how compatible it is to the Dish we are developing. The compatibility levels are : 
  1. Bad
  2. Doubtful
  3. Normal
  4. Good
  5. Perfect
If we mix ingredients that are either Bad or Doubtful, you will see a massage popping up half way of the development saying they are not compatible. If we choose a combination that are either Good or Perfect, we get a message saying they are compatible.

Not CompatibleBad/Bad, Bad/Doubtful, Doubtful/Bad, Doubtful/Doubtful, Bad/Normal, Doubtful/Normal

CompatiblePerfect/Perfect, Perfect/Good, Good/Perfect, Good/Good, Perfect/Normal, Good/Normal

Price is generally effected by the rank of the ingredients. If we pick Gold Flakes, we can almost always get a Price Increase.

However, in the later play-throughs, I realized Taste, Appeal, and Price are a little random. It can generate different results even if we use the same Ingredients on the same Dish. That's when I realized I should focus on the Inner Stats first.

Inner Stats

Inner stats are totally predictable. You can even work out how many times you need to develop the Dish to make it perfect.

Each Dish has 8 Inner Stats : Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma, Appearance, Volume, Rarity, Charisma. Each Stat is represented by a number, from 0 to 100.

Each Ingredient also has 8 Inner Stats. However it's not shown in the game. Luckily we've got them all worked out. ( Ingredients and Numbers )

Before we see some examples, let's see how Dish Development works. There are 2 steps :
  1. Adds 1st Ingredient's stats to Dish's stats
  2. Adds 2nd Ingredient's stats to the result of Step 1
So you can see, it's not adding two Ingredients' Stats together and then add to the Dish's Stat. That's why we can get different result when we put the Ingredients in different orders.

Example 1

Example 2

Notice numbers are capped at 100.

When Inner Stats are increased, Taste/Appeal/Price would usually increase at the same time. I haven't got any Taste/Appeal/Price decrease since I started using the combinations that would only increase all Inner Stats. ( Best Ingredients for Developing Dishes? )

In most cases, when Inner Stats all reach 100, the Taste/Appeal/Price are also at their maxed values. ( Taste/Appeal/Price Caps ) However, sometimes Taste/Appeal/Price are not yet capped. When this happens, I simply Develop the Dish without any Ingredients. Eventually they will be at the capped values. I sometimes throw in an Aged Cheese to increase the chance of making Taste/Appeal/Price capped.

Tips and facts :
  • Chef's Cooking skill effects the time needed for Dish Development. A Chef with 999 Cooking skill can finish developing in one night.
  • The higher the Dish Rank is, the more the Exp the Chef will receive ( Rank 9 Dish gives 900 Exp; Rank 6 Dish gives 600 Exp. )
  • Simply Develop a Dish without any Ingredients to make a "Copy" of the Dish.

Useful Spreadsheets : See all spreadsheets available Here

Friday, 15 June 2012

Who Cares about Tax?

I tried my best using smaller shelves and racks, so I didn't overstock too much. I complained about how Auto Stock system was not perfect, talked about how to avoid 3M tax. HOWEVER, I don't need to worry about this anymore.

We've got a solution. :D :D :D :D :D

What we need to do is to earn heaps more so tax money wouldn't matter.

What we need to do is
  1. Have two staff with 1700+ speed combined on the same level
  2. Leave one Large Register only in the shop ( get rid of other registers )
  3. Change Menu > Shop > Shop Policies > Price Setting to Price Increased: 20%
  4. Change Menu > Shop > Shop Policies > Staff Policy > Register to High

Have two staff with 1700+ speed combined

Just any combination that's greater than 1700 Speed.

Example 1
Staff A : Speed 800
Staff B : Speed 900

Example 2 - if you prefer having 3 staff working on the same level
Staff C : Speed 999
Staff D : Speed 850
Staff E : Speed 870

Leave one Large Register only in the shop

I found 2 speedy staff with 1 Large Register fast enough to serve the whole shop. 

Price Setting > Price Increased: 20%

Believe or not, customers are happy with the increase if they are happy with the register.

Staff Policy > Register to High

This is to make sure there are always 2 staff at the Large Register, otherwise you don't get the bonus.

Let's see how well it went.

I tried this setup during Month 3, 4, and 5. The income went all the way up. Month 6, and 7 I swapped someone with lower Speed in just to compare. Month 8, 9, 10 swapped them back again but Miss Wood was kindly helping other customers at the Service Desk so the income went down a bit. ( probably should remove that service desk )

I was very happy with the outcome.

Here's another picture to show what happened when you have this set up.

Every customer served by two speedy staff at the Large Register gives Bonus.

So from now on, we don't need to worry about tax in 3M and we can have a different way to set up the shop.  :D



  • You might want to think about changing the Price back to Normal or even cheaper later on to attract more customers. That way you get the rapport faster.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Auto Stock is not perfect

I have to say, the Auto Stock system in Pocket Clothier is not making much sense to me.

You see, when Auto Stock is on, your staff would order new goods in, whenever the stock is low. The staff don't check if you have clothes on shelves or racks in the shop. This creates a problem - over stocking. They really should check both.  >_<

Now, you get taxed in 3M if you have more than $100k, and have any items that reaches over 100 pieces in shop + stock.

There are a few ways to avoid 3M tax

  • Try and lower your fund before 3M - upgrades is what most people do
  • Not use Large Shelves and Racks
  • Manual ordering
  • Remove overstocked items in your store

I don't like the way it is. It means the game is a little not well thought. I tried manual ordering but it's just too much trouble.

HOWEVER, if you are sick of trying to avoid tax, like me, you might want to look at how to make big monthly profit to pay tax. Check this out : Who Cares about Tax?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Job List

I finally finished my first play-through of Pocket Clothier. I think I did alright. <-- hasn't really read any guides yet that's why she's saying that.

I've got a Job List and Requirement. It's now completed. I also added another sheet that's sorted by the Career names.

I only realized recently what the bonus requirement is. When we coordinate someone's outfit, say for a Comedian, if we give them a Stage Outfit and the plan went through successfully, we get some bonus rewards - usually cash and more boost items. ( 24 June 2012 )

I spent quite some time to see how I can play my Android games on PCs. I found YouWave and BlueStacks, also Android -x86. I installed BlueStacks ( yay for free software ) but it doesn't run Pocket Clothier or any other Kairosoft games I own. Some people tried YouWave and was able to play Kairosoft's games but after a while it stopped working. I am not willing to pay for something that might not work so I just gave up on that one for now. Android -x86 gets a little too complicated as I was getting hungry by the time I had a chance to look at it. Maybe some other time.

I still love playing games on my little mobile phone. There is something nice about it.  :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Shelves and Racks

I am finally in the second half of the game ( Pocket Clothier ) and only realized there is a better position for different types of shelves and racks

All the Shelves and Racks would be available when the requirements are met. The only one that's a little trickier is Large/Lrg Shelves. You have to actually pick the Star Staff Challenge in Month 12, and be Ranked number 1 as a result in Month 3 next year. If you never pick that challenge, you'll never get Large Shelves.

My biggest enemy is the mobile phone battery. I don't like playing while my phone is charging, but the game drains the battery so fast. The charging speed can't even catch up. Occasionally the game gets forced quit due to low battery and I'd lose some game progress. It's not just this game though. The same situation happened to some other pretty good games on my mobile phone.

I wonder if it is easier to play on a Tablet PC. My fingers feel so sore after holding the little device ( using Samsung Nexus S )  for a long time. It was okay with Cafe Nippon because I can hold it horizontally. Pocket Clothier doesn't have this option however. Hopefully they will make it available later.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Changes Made

I changed the format of the table in Ingredients and the Numbers. Now we can view the info sorted in different ways. I took away the combo bonus column because I never understood how it worked. It is still kept in the May 2012 sheet, which is the last sheet of this spreadsheet.

I am still trying to improve the spreadsheets/tables I posted earlier. I hope the new ones are easier to read.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pocket Clothier Downloaded

OMG, I so don't have time to post this. I just downloaded Pocket Clothier and am already addicted to it.  XD

It looks like there are more things to manage in this game, or maybe it's just because it's new to me. However after a few months it started to make sense. As usual, I like to play through the game not knowing too much about it first. I'd say if you like any of Kairosoft's games, you will like this one for sure.

Pocket Clothier in Google Play. ( please click Here )

Please feel very welcome to e-mail me about Cafe Nippon. I will do my best to work out how to solve any issues you might have. When I gather enough of questions, I will probably make an FAQ. ( wowenna at )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

How to Rank Up Stores

This is based on my experience. It has been working pretty well for me. I hope it will work for you too.

There are a few things effecting your Store Ranking. ( check your Store Ranking in Menu > Area )
  1. Store Popularity
  2. Menu - The Dishes you Serve
  3. Clientele
  4. Staff
  5. Furniture Type
  6. Store Size
While some of the factors are related to each other, I will talk about them separately.

1. Store Popularity

Each Store's popularity can be found in Menu > View Info > Store Info. Click ( or Tap ) on the little triangles to see different Stores. As you can see in the picture below, the green bar indicates Region population, and the pink bar is the Store popularity.

I like to think of Region population as the number of a particular type of customers living in that region, and Store popularity is the number of seats we provide for that particular group in our Stores. This saying turned out to be confusing, let's try something different.

Let's think of it this way:

Green bar - How popular your store is in that particular region
Pink bar - How popular your store is to a particular group

Our first goal is to make all pink bars showing after the green

We can see in the picture above, Student, Youth, and Businessman have pink bars showing after green. So they are set for now.

We have to work on Hswife, Elderly, and Tourist's Store popularity by adding some new items - read  Tables and Decoration for more details.

Remodel the Store changes the region population.

Region population + Store population --> Customer Popularity

Once you see the pink bars start appearing in all groups, you are all set for the first step. Later in the game you will have more money and more items available. When you upgrade your tables and decorations, the store popularity will raise even more naturally. But we are only talking about our first step here. It's more important to get all pink bars showing than, making one of them all the way up and leave some green.

2. Menu
It is important to serve good food. What I usually do is serving a Dish that has the highest Taste and Appeal stats. Having multiple Dishes on the Menu would bring up monthly cost. It is recommended to server one Dish only for each store.

It is a good idea to master at least one Dish in the Starting Menu, so you can get a good start of the game.

3. Clientele

Quite often I get a Store Ranked Up message soon after new Clientele starts to visit the restaurant. ( As long as you've provided enough seats for them. the store popularity is high enough. ) I found the fastest way to bring in new Clientele is to run those Plans. ( Read more about it Here. )

4. Staff

Staff Numbers - A larger Store requires more Staff. 
The Skills - Skillful Staff serve faster.

5. Furniture Type

4 Seats or 2 Seats?
Generally, 4 Seat Tables are better than 2 Seat Tables. However, if you start seeing people walking to the door and leaving straight away, it means you need to replace some 4 Seat Tables with 2 Seat ones. Some customers don't have many friends to go out with, they would only take the 2 Seat Tables.
And of course you want to keep some Counters. Special guests would only use those.

Table Rank

After you get Store Popularity sorted, Tables upgraded to 4 Seats, it is about time to think about getting Tables with higher Ranks.

6. Store Size

You can fit more Furniture and Staff into a bigger size Store -->  higher Store Popularity. I was able to have Rank 1 Stores in the 1st and 2nd Area. ( Sunny Village and Greenville ) without any expansion. I don't usually expand in those two Areas simply because I move them soon after they reach Rank 1 or I've discovered all the Chests, depending on what I wanted to do there.

If you have done all of above, then having Rank 1 Stores is just a matter of time.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Remodel Stores

There are 6 sets ( A - F ) available for Remodel Store.

We get A and B right from the start when Remodel Store is available to you in the Management Plan. Others will unlock later.

  • C : Sunny Village Rank #1
  • D : Greenville Rank #1
  • E : Ocean View Rank #1
  • F : Uni Town Rank #1
Each set has 3 parts : Floor, Register, Wall. It is possible to mix different parts from different sets together.

Remodeling your stores can effect your Region Population. ( The Green Bars ) See the pictures below :

Original Customer Popularity

After Remodeled

Monday, 4 June 2012

Enna News

I added a Page called "About Enna" so people get to know me a little bit.

Also changed the format of the Recipe spreadsheet. I hope it's easier to read. ( Recipes ) I will keep improving some other spreadsheet in the future.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

What Gets Carried Over

Cafe Nippon is designed to be played more than once. Once you finish your first game ( 16Y4M ), you get to start a new game with some things carried over.

I couldn't wait to change the game speed to Fast when I finished my first game. ( Menu > System > Settings )

Things Getting Carried Over

-  Dish
  • Sell Price / Taste / Appeal
  • Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma... etc.

-  Staff
  • Level
  • Salary ( Except Special Staff e.g.. Gordy Ramsly ) ( picture below, #1 )
  • Speed / Appeal / Cooking / Research
  • Skills Learned ( including the levels )
  • Job Experience ( including the levels )

Things NOT Getting Carried Over

-  Staff EXP on a particular Job Level ( picture above, #2 )
-  Tables and Decorations
-  Recipes
-  Money
-  Clientele

Thank goodness Lazycat showed me the w3schools web site to learn a bit of html earlier. It hasn't been so much fun playing around with those pictures and format today.

Perble Bear mailed me some more biscuits last week. They are so tasty. I hope I won't finish them too quickly.

I was so happy the other day when I read Belidan's comment on "Pocket Clothier". Thanks for visiting my blog. I will do my best to keep it up.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Tables and Decoration

I finally put myself together and converted the tables below from 大盛りグルメ食堂.

A few things about Tables and Decoration we must mention :
  • Special Guests ( Gourmet Reporter, Masked reviewer... etc. ) would only take Counters.
  • Some Clientele that come in couples, would only take 2 seat Tables even if there are Sofas available.
  • Each ❤ gives 2 points to Store Popularity ( shown in Menu > View Info > Store Info )