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Cafeteria Nipponica FAQ

Dishes and ingredients

What do I need to know to develop dishes?
- It's a bit too much to summarize into a few lines. Please read the guide here.

What is the most expensive dish?
- If we are talking about the most pricy dish to the customers, it would be Kaiseki Cuisine.

Why do customers favour one dish to another?
- Customers like dishes with higher ranks. They will choose a dish with higher rank even if it's more expensive.

Where do you get the shark ingredient for shark fin soup?
- There's no shark ingredient. Shark fin soup is made with seafood soup, tasty fish, and secret sauce. ( Read more )

Where do I find soba?
- The only source of soba is your clientele Hina. Hina gives you soba when she is happy with a good quality rice dish you serve in the restaurant. ( Read more )

I only have one good dish to serve, and it's difficult to find ingredients to make another one without suffering the dish quality, what can I do?
- Simply develop the dish without any ingredients. It will not improve the dish but you get a copy of it. ( Read more )

Why don't you make a spreadsheet for ingredient compatibility?
- Ingredient compatibility is not important at all. You should focus more on the ingredient effect. ( Read more )

How do you remove a dish from the menu?
- Go to Menu > Dishes > Select Dishes, Click on the dish you wish to remove, then Click the "Remove" button on the bottom left. ( Read more )

I didn't pick the snack menu at the start, how do I get rice?
- You can get rice by running a plan - point cards (given by the clientele artist).

I haven't found a new recipe for a while, how do I develop new dishes?
- You don't need a recipe in game to be able to develop new dishes. In fact some recipes are discovered by chefs when they develop dishes. ( Read more )

This dish's taste and appeal just don't go up anymore no matter what ingredients I use, why is that?
- Each dish has caps for its price, taste, appeal, rank. ( Read more )


How do I hire the special employees?
- If this is your first game, don't bother with it. If you must, save the game first, and reload when you're happy with the result. It's important to save your game first because the negotiation process is random. ( Read more )

Is there a way to level up staffs faster?
- Staff get more experience working in the kitchen. It does not matter so much when you don't have any 5-star chefs. When you do, however, it helps a lot swapping kitchen and floor staffs every so often. ( Read more )

What does chef's cooking skill do?
- The higher the cooking skill is, the faster the chef can develop a dish. A chef with a maxed cooking skill can develop dishes in one night (or month if you prefer).

How do I unlock all the jobs?
- To unlock a job, some requirements have to be unlocked. For example, Ninja is unlocked as a Floor job when a staff has Performer Lv5 and Japanese Chef Lv5. ( Read more )

Oh dear, I hired this special employee with a ridiculously high salary. Am I doomed?
- It's not the end of the world if you can't afford this special employee. You can just sit them in the break room. That way you don't need to pay for the salary. The salary will not get carried over to your next game - it will be based on your negotiation next time.

Game play

Which starting menu should I pick?
- They are all good. Some people say the snack menu is easier because all chefs have snack skill at low levels. It doesn't really matter in the long run though. Just pick a menu you like and work on it. ( the starting menus )

What gets carried over to the next game?
- Dish sell price, taste, appeal, health up, brain up, texture, aroma, appearance, volume, rarity, charisma.
- Staff salary ( except special employees ), level, speed, appeal, cooking, research, skills learnt, job experience.
Read more )

Is it better to fill up the menu or just serve one dish?
- Just serve one dish per restaurant.

My store doesn't rank up for ages, what should I do?
- There is no short answers to this. Please read this post.

I have empty seats, why are the customers waiting at the door?
- Some customers like to come in groups, some like to come by themselves. Make sure you have all types of tables ( counter, small table, sofa ) to suit their needs. ( Read more)

OMG, the special guest is at the restaurant where I don't have a good dish. Can I make the guest go to a particular restaurant next time?
- The guests go to random restaurants. You are able to serve a dish from any of your restaurants by clicking the yellow arrows on the top of the menu.


Matt shared some really interesting graphs he came up with for the recipes. ( Go to Matt's Page )


Can...c...ccan I have the link to your spreadsheet?
- I am glad you find them useful. Here's the link. I appreciate a link back to the blog if you are going to share it about. :)

I have questions not listed here. Can I e-mail you?
- I am more than happy to help. Please send your questions to


  1. Amazing posts. Wonderful person. :-) Thank you!!!!!

    1. Thank you for visiting. I am happy it helps. :D

  2. Thank you very much for all these information.
    I like Cafetteria because it's the hardest I find so far from Kairosoft.

    I have one question:
    I have my store #1 in Heavenly Hills, it's large. I'm trying to pass over the region popularity for the Housewifes. For now I have all the 2 seats table as Western Sofa (2.5 hearts), Relaxing Room for 4 seats (3 hearts) and Simple Counter for one seat (1 heart). I have about 285 points. I tried to switch all the Simple Counter to Gold Kairobot and I get about 316 points but still the Region Popularity Bar is all green.
    Do you know if it possible to overpass the region popularity?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for visiting. :D

      Heavenly Hills is a little funny in that way. I had similar situation like yours, and the more tables I tried to add for housewives, the higher the region popularity went, and the pink bar never showed in this special case. I have never been able to "overpass the region popularity" for housewives( or tourist if it's another layout), but I don't think it's needed here anyway.

      I reckon you are doing very well. :)

    2. Am I? Thank you. This is my second playthrough and it's going so well mostly thanks to your work.
      Yes, I know it have no real purpose... but I want that pink bar everywhere!
      I'll try to get the Japanese Set (which I lack it actually) and try to fill every spot with tables with 3 hearts.

    3. haha, I know what you mean! It's like a challenge you set for yourself. Have fun! :D :D

    4. I finally found the time and I've got the Japanese set.
      So far I have the largest store in Heavenly Hills with these tables:
      15x Japanese Set
      5x Relaxing Room
      1x Grand Piano (as Relaxing Room give 3 hearts)
      14x Gold Kairobot
      5x Chefs with Gossip lvl 3
      10x Servants with Gossip lvl 3
      For a total of: 334 point of popularity with Housewifes. By the way I realized just now Gossip does not give point to popularity, at least not directly in Store Info page.
      It's not possible to have the pink bar. It's always green.

      Anyway I stumbled in your blog randomly: my hometown is called Enna, it's in the exact center of Sicily, Italy.
      Thank you again for the information on this blog.

    5. Thanks for testing it out. :D

      I read some where that Gossip would add points to the region population ( the green bar ). I haven't really paid much attention there since I often swap staff in and out the kitchen.

      How cool is that! An Enna Town. I will have to pay it a visit one day and show off the pictures! :D

  3. Oh my God you don't know how I'm really grateful for your very very helpful post, I really really thank you for the bottom of my heart for providing this walkhtrough to every Cafe Nippon player out there (and I'm very sure they agree with me eventhough they didn't comment here), thank you soooo much for these really valuable informations ;A;b

    1. :D Thank you for your visit and comment. I'm very happy to hear that the posts here had helped you enjoy the game more. :)

      Enna :D

  4. hello, thank you, u ve been such a great help !! may i also ask a question: how to increase the Research Level of a chef ? as now my highest chef so far is Gordy Ramsly, but he only has Research Level of 11, so he cant develop new dishes such as Kid’s Lunch as it requires a research level of 12. How to increase his Research Level ? Pls help !

    1. Hello, There is integral skills you can pick. This particular skill called "Research Up" can boost a chef's research points. The skills can be picked when you change their jobs.

  5. Hello, your post is amazing. Thank you :)
    I have a problem, i can't pass to the last two restaurants can you help me? : )

    1. In this game, you can only have 3 restaurants. If you want to have a restaurant in the last two areas, you'll either move your restaurant or build them in the last two area to start with. Let me know where you get stuck. :)

  6. What does the letter ranking mean? A, E, F, C, etc...does it matter? Thank you.

    1. Those are the ranks/quality of the dish. A is better than B. Customers generally like SSS dishes than A B C D ...etc dishes.

  7. Thank you so much for the amazing tips, helped me a lot!!
    But I have some silly questions, just wonder how many shops can u have and how many normal staffs u can hire?
    At this moment only left those special ones on my hire list, I really don't wanna hire them since they are quite expensive to get....and I really not sure whether they are worth, hahaha
    Anyway, thanks again, its hard for me to develop the rice dish now that I am trying to get Hina....awww ><"""

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment here. If I remember right, you can only have 3 stores. I didn't keep track on how many normal stuff to hire but I usually hire all of them when I can afford to. I hope you found your rice dish by now. :)

  8. looking for jobs?? Visit this site.. It might help

  9. can i use a kairo staff in kitchen or i have to change them to 5 star chef first,then use them??

  10. Hello Enna, I find it very difficult to acquire the ingridient Chocolate. Where can I find one? The Pumpkin Products sold it once, and now I kept waiting for a chocolate to be sold there but they just dont. How can I find one? :(

  11. Hi this is so helpful, it find me more interested in the game. Because when i already reached rank1 at all areas i thought the only goal left is to have the recipe-SOBA but when i read your info about the job list and the best ingredients, i cant resist to play it more. Thank you very much HAPPY ENNA! ^^.- dOorae

  12. Hi,

    Any tips about giving meals to workers? I always get no effect


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  14. I don't know if you're ever going to look at these comments, but if you read this, which skill is better for waiters/waitresses: Ninja Moves or Walk Fast?

  15. What are the descriptions of all the skills? Like good manners is popular with business men etc.

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  19. This is pure I just wanna say Thank you, ur faq and spreadsheet is really big help for me. (^v^)

  20. I have Ray coffer lvl 4 animal trainer and as I skim through his skills I saw "ninja moves" I search here and I did not saw anything like it.. And its description is "can moves instantly like a ninja". Do you know anything of this??

    1. that niggu can teleport like a ninja