Thursday, 22 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Equipment List

Aww, I suppose an equipment list would be good. When I was missing one or two items in the end, it was so difficult to find them without knowing their names.

It might help using this list and the Monster List together. For other info about Adventure Bar Story, please visit the Adventure Bar Story Page.  :)

Hope this is useful.  :)  Good luck and have fun.

- Enna is not a bear

Monday, 19 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Otts Cave Map

So I did it, there you go, a map for Otts Cave. Hopefully you can find your way out there.

Remember wherever you go, this applies to other dungeons too, make sure you walk out of the exit near the boss at least once. The first time I went to Otts Cave, I was being "smart" and decided to walk all the way back to the entrance so I could farm more ingredients. What I didn't know was that it was the key to unlock Silkreef by walking out of the exit in Otts Cave.

Please click the image to see the map in its original size.

Adventure Bar Story - Otts Cave Map

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna is not a bear

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Shops

There are 6 shops in Cassel Kingdom:
  • Casselburg shop
  • Ostenlein shop
  • Port City of Lar shop
  • Desert City of Guid shop
  • Amiel Villa shop
  • Peddler's shop - comes to Casselburg every 5 days

I made a spreadsheet for all shops with all the available goods when I finished the game story. Some of the goods only appear after certain events happen. For example, Bait from Fred's shop in Casselburg. He would only start selling baits after you receive a fishing rod from a customer.

Since I finished Adventure Bar Story, I started to look around for another game to play. The game I want to play from Kairosoft is still not translated to English so I decided to take a break from mobile phone games.

I saw Dwarfs and Towns from Steam, so I tried their free to play or demo version. They all just reminded me how fun Dwarf Fortress is. I only spent a few minutes on Towns since the UI is just too clumsy for me. I do appreciate how they try to make Dwarf Fortress like games though. Anyway, after trying those two games, I thought I might as well take a look and see what's happening with Dwarf Fortress. Reading is just not enough. I started to play Dwarf Fortress soon after that.  xD

Warning : Learning curve is steep. However, once learnt, it's highly addictive.

Here is some good websites about Dwarf Fortress:

That's about it I think. Time to play!

- Enna is not a bear

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Party

We are going to cover the basics about Party in Adventure Bar Story:

  • Change party members
  • Change fighting positions

As the story progresses, you will have new members joining your party. Siela is always in the party and she can not be removed from it. She can bring 2 more people to go with her.

I always thought Kamerina, Siela's sister, would join the party one day but she never did. There are 6 people available to join Siela:

  • Fred
  • Alfine
  • Alter
  • Lidia
  • Elias
  • Milija

Change party members

You can only change party members in your bar. Go to Menu, and scroll up or down until you see Party.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Click Party, then it'll bring out the party list.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Let's try, replacing Alter with Alfine. We do this by clicking the name of the party member we want to remove. A list of all available names will pop up.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

You can tap through the names to compare the original party member and the others. Once decided, tap on the name, in this case Alfine. Then you should see a screen like the picture below. But we are not done yet.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

If we go Back, then the changes we just did will not be saved. Remember to click OK to save the changes. Once clicked, you'll see a screen like the next picture.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

Change fighting positions

That's pretty much done. But I'd like to make one more change. I'd like to bring Fred from the Back position to the Front. I can do this by swiping on Fred's tag from Right to Left. If we want to bring Siela from the Front position to the Back, we should swipe on her tag from Left to Right.

Adventure Bar Story - Party

We don't need to be in the bar to change their positions. Party members in the front do more damage but at the same time they take more damage.

"Who is the best to bring along in the party?",You might ask. My personally favorite is Fred. If you take Fred off the list, monster HP bars won't show up, and that's kind of inconvenient. Also, I was wondering if he went with Siela often enough, maybe there will be a little love story happening. It never really happened. He gave her a necklace. That's about it.

Then I'd pick one more member based on the monsters in the area and the story. The end of the game I chose Siela, Fred, and Milija.

- Enna is not a bear

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Party Member Alfine

At the beginning of the game, Fred joined you in a party by default. It would make your life a lot easier in a dungeon if Alfine joins you early in the game.

To get Alfine, all you need to do is to make an apple pie. Don't worry about making a lot of them. One apple pie is enough.

Here's the recipe:

Apple Pie = Pie Dough + Apple + Egg ( Oven )
Pie Dough = Flour + Butter ( Bowl )
Butter = Milk + Salt ( Blender )

If this is Day 1, you just started a new game, you'll need Flour, Milk, Bowl, and Blender from Fred's shop. You've got the rest of the material. Then you're ready to cook.

In case you don't know how to cook yet. Here's how:

- Stand in front of the oven in your bar, and press OK.
- In most cases, click "From Recipe". If the dish you want to make is not on your recipe list, then you'll have to go back and select "Try Original".

Step 1.
Make Butter

Step 2.
Make Pie Dough

Step 3.
You don't have the recipe for an Apple Pie yet, so here you'll need to cook it by "Try Original".
Place Pie Dough, Apple, and Egg, as the material, and Oven as the tool.
Click Ok.

Adventure Bar Story - Your First Apple Pie

As soon as the apple pie's made, Alfine will rush in and start a conversation.

After she joins the party, visit the School of Wizardry. You'll see Alfine there. She'll show you how to get into the book tower / library. You can then enter the library, searching through all the bookshelves for recipes, and get your Secret Catalog in the secret room.

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna is not a bear

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Ottssie and Mad Ottssie

Some of the bosses in Adventure Bar Story can be a little tricky to find. Let's look at Ottssie and Mad Ottssie today.

Ottssie - Monster No.93

Adventure Bar Story - Ottssie No.93

Can you see the sparkle? It is just a couple of steps in front of Siela. There is a cave behind the waterfall. Ottssie hides in the end of the cave. Ottssie has strong resistance to ice, earth, poison, blind, silent and paralyze element. Its weakness is fire element.

To get to the waterfall, you'd have to break the stone block you find in Otts Fall / Lake. ( Here's how )

Mad Ottssie - Monster No.99

Adventure Bar Story - Mad Ottssie No.99

After the fight with Ottssie in Otts Fall / Lake, Ottssie got hurt and ran away. You'll hear from a customer talking about Ottssie being injured but still around. After that, you'll find the Mad Ottssie here in Otts Cave.

Mad Ottssie is also weak against fire element. ( Mad Ottssie is just Ottssie but mad.  :p  so you fight it the say way as you did to Ottssie. )

Mad Ottssie drops and item called Bearok. It is one of the essential items for Siela's Bear Outfit.

- Enna is not a bear

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Enna Blog Theme Change

Happy Enna has a new look now. I hope it is easier to read.

I prefer a lighter background than darker ones. The thing with a dark background is, the text lines stay in the vision for a minute or so when I look away. It dazes me sometimes.

It looks like the mobile phone version for the blog is staying the same though.

Thank you for visiting Happy Enna. Thanks for the comments. Some people e-mail me and I am always so happy when I receive them.  :)

Please feel free to add me to your google circle too.  ^_^

Happy gaming!

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Cassel Kingdom Map

Here's a map of the Cassel Kingdom for Adventure Bar Story. You can see the name of each zone in the picture.

There are five cities in the whole kingdom:
  • Casselburg
  • Ostenlein
  • Port City of Lar
  • Desert City of Guid
  • Amiel Villla

Please click here to find out more about Adventure Bar Story.

Adventure Bar Story - Cassel Kingdom Map

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Blocked Paths and Caves

The stone is too heavy for Siela. Maybe when she levels up she will be able to move it? Maybe when a strong party member joins, he will be able to move it? How about mages? They can probably use magic spells to destroy the stone? I kept going back to the blocked paths or caves to see if I get lucky this time.

Nope, nothing worked.

In face, there is nothing you can do about it before you get to the part when you manage to help with the Queen. Once the Queen is healed, you then have a chance to finally meet this man in the cave in Gilbert's Path. He hides in the cave that's usually empty when you visit.

Bring a riceball with you when you visit the man. He will give you a pickaxe. Guess what it is for?

The man is there for another purpose. He will make you some equipment out of some items you show him later.

Adventure Bar Story - Blocked Paths and Caves

Adventure Bar Story - Man with a pickaxe

- Enna is not a bear

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Did you like the teddy bear Siela look? Guess what? There's a bunny Siela outfit. Please see bunny Siela in action below.  :D

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Like the bear outfit, you need to find the right equipment for her.

  • Carrot Sword ( from the farmer in Ostenlein ) - No.9
  • Silver Tray ( please check this post to find the location ) - No.60
  • Bunny Suit - No.80
  • Bunny Cap - No.123

I kept bringing seeds to the farmer in Ostenlein. I am not sure if that's how you trigger the event for him to give you a carrot sword, but that's what seemed to be the case for me.

If I remember correctly, Bunny Suit and Bunny Cap are given by the couple in Desert City of Guid. The woman in the building gives one of them, and then you walk through the wall to find her husband to get the other. Here's how you get to him. ( Hidden Path in Desert City of Guid )

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna is not a bear

Monday, 5 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

There are two secret paths in Fire Island.

The first one is in the grassy area. You can see a chest box on the map and I am sure everyone can manage that.

The second one is really tricky. It is easy to miss this one even with Misto Soup - I know I did. xD

The picture below says all. As you can see, the little island is totally out of the screen. You wouldn't be able to notice it at all if you don't walk onto the sparkle spot on the beach. It's not a straight line of course, but I will leave the fun to you.

The item in the chest box is Silver Tray - Equipment No.60 in Secret Catalog.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Good luck and have fun!

- Enna

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Monsters

I am so glad that Adventure Bar Story actually has a secret catalog in game. It would have been a bit painful trying to keep a record of everything while playing the game. Once again, thanks to Perble Bear for helping out with the list.

The monster list is sorted by monster #, area, and name. Please click on the different tags on the bottom of the spreadsheet to view different sheets.

I also made the screenshots of my monster list on secret catalog into a video and uploaded to Youtube. Hope you like it.  :)

Some zones have more than one boss. The extra bosses or monsters will only appear once the story progresses.

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in ??? for Jormungand

Finally, I have found every single item in Adventure Bar Story. The last item I found is Jormungand - Secret Catalog Equipment 25. I totally missed it when I went to the zone ??? previously. The first time I went there, I found a secret path near the exit, and assumed that's the only secret path in this zone. Why did I do that?

Thanks to Misto Soup. It made things so much easier looking for a hidden path in a mini maze.

Here's a picture of part of the zone ???.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in ??? for Jormungand

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

There are some more secret paths in this game. I will keep them coming.  :D   Have fun!


Friday, 2 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

It is not too difficult to find this one. With the box being so obvious right next to the wall, I am sure most people would try their best to find their way there. There is a guy hiding from his wife on the top of the map. He gives out some item so it's a good idea to talk to him, too.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

Tora told me about this TV show his sister was watching - "Snog Marry Avoid?". I don't watch TV so it was new to me. The idea is to bring natural beauty to those who use a lot of makeups. The Before and After in all cases I've watched were quite dramatic. Some people loved their new looks, some people preferred their old ways. Either way sounds cool to me, as long as they find their happy-selves.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Special Outfit Bear Suit

One thing I like about RPG games is that they often have special events and hidden items. It's a little like finding Easter eggs.

I don't know why they often make fun of Siela's not yet fully developed chest area. She is only a little girl after all. Maybe it's some kind of jokes only little boys would understand?

I only learnt today that Siela has a special outfit - bear suit. Have you seen the bear in action?  :)

Adventure Bar Story - Siela in bear suit

To dress her like that, you need a few items:
  • Bearok - from Mad Ottssie ( No. 99 )
  • Bear Suit - from Smilo Fish ( No.98 )
  • Bear Cap - from Almer Baron ( No.90 )
Equip Siela with those items, you'll see her fighting like a bear.

I think bear suits are really cute. I wouldn't mind having one.  :p

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.