Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Did you like the teddy bear Siela look? Guess what? There's a bunny Siela outfit. Please see bunny Siela in action below.  :D

Adventure Bar Story - Bunny Siela Outfit

Like the bear outfit, you need to find the right equipment for her.

  • Carrot Sword ( from the farmer in Ostenlein ) - No.9
  • Silver Tray ( please check this post to find the location ) - No.60
  • Bunny Suit - No.80
  • Bunny Cap - No.123

I kept bringing seeds to the farmer in Ostenlein. I am not sure if that's how you trigger the event for him to give you a carrot sword, but that's what seemed to be the case for me.

If I remember correctly, Bunny Suit and Bunny Cap are given by the couple in Desert City of Guid. The woman in the building gives one of them, and then you walk through the wall to find her husband to get the other. Here's how you get to him. ( Hidden Path in Desert City of Guid )

Please click here for more info about Adventure Bar Story.

- Enna is not a bear


  1. Umm hello Im Tenton and I really want to know when is the event of the carrot sword ..... I always talk at the farmer but I didnt trigger an event yet

    1. I got mine once I got the bar to level 10 and visited the farmer. Dunno if you can get it earlier, like if he plants a certain # of your seeds/traps to unlock it.

  2. How to level up fast here?

  3. Lidia also gets a unique (different from Seila's) outfit when wearing the fully Bunny set, confirmed in the 3DS version.