Sunday, 19 August 2012

PvP or Non-PvP

This is one of the subjects people often talk about on the Minecraft server I play. I can't really say I don't like PvP because I was a hardcore WoW Battleground PvPer for quite some time. But I personally prefer a non-PvP server when it comes to Minecraft.

There are lots of good points to have a PvP server. For example, it's often filled with a lot of people, some cool plug-ins, more challenging to survive, different strategies...etc.

But I came to play Minecraft for some different reasons.

  • The community - Loving and caring, you know.  :p
  • The peace - I like to quietly collect things, and go out exploring on a peaceful mode. I like the fun of creepers and other mobs jumping in front of my face. But I don't like players sneak up to me and stab me. I'd cry.  xD
  • So I don't get sick - I imagine PvPing requires a lot of movement. You've got to attack. You've got to dodge. I know I'd be sick quickly since that part of my brain just doesn't work.

While there are a lot of good PvP server around already, I really appreciate this special non-PvP server.

I also wonder why people come to this server and talk about how a PvP server is so cool. What made them stay on this server? What is attracting them here?

Saying that, what if PvP becomes the favour on the server? Then I hope there will be a cool plug-in to set a border so I can still enjoy my activities in the wild, and other PvPers can do what they like.

IcyNeko is also one who prefers a non-PvP server. He likes to explore and do some random stuff. The other day he found an abandon wheat field and created this naughty sheep.  xD  Kind of cute huh?

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    2. Nyan cat!! What's that face next to it though?

  2. LOVE THE BLOG! :) Cool to see how you write about the Community. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey, Nzero, Thanks for visiting. :D Hope to see you in game more. How's your new town going?

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