Saturday, 18 August 2012

TheIsland, The New Rising Star

It's been a little while since I posted anything about Minecraft. It's mainly because most of the time I spend my Minecraft day doing this :

I just chat to people while fishing. Not a lot happening with me. But others have been busy.

Colin has started a town called TheIsland. I'd say it's the most active, and most popular town in Minespot server at the moment. Colin and Suzie put in a lot of effort making a good town for everyone. I told Colin I'd give him my vote for the best Mayor if there's one.

TheIsland is pretty far from the first town Everspot. That's why I was not so sure how they were going to connect the two together. Colin decided to make a looooong tunnel. The trouble is, there's a lot of water to deal with since a big section of the tunnel is underwater. I took a picture while I went there for a visit. 

The view's amazing. You get to see squids in the ocean. It's like going to an aquarium.

The people in TheIsland are friendly. They often stick together to help build the town. ( From the sound of the chat channel anyways. :p )

Colin ,Suzie, and some others have spent so much time building this. eneRt decided to give them a hand in the end, so the tunnel's pretty much done now. I'm so looking forward to trying it out.

There are some interesting public facilities in TheIsland. I shall take some more pictures and do another post about the town later.  :)

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