Monday, 5 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

There are two secret paths in Fire Island.

The first one is in the grassy area. You can see a chest box on the map and I am sure everyone can manage that.

The second one is really tricky. It is easy to miss this one even with Misto Soup - I know I did. xD

The picture below says all. As you can see, the little island is totally out of the screen. You wouldn't be able to notice it at all if you don't walk onto the sparkle spot on the beach. It's not a straight line of course, but I will leave the fun to you.

The item in the chest box is Silver Tray - Equipment No.60 in Secret Catalog.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Fire Island

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Good luck and have fun!

- Enna


  1. excuse me, i can't go to fire island even if i talk to the sailor in the port city of lar

    1. Have you spoken to the guy at the light house? If you've spoken to everyone there, just come back some other time. Level up your bar a little bit then come back again. Hopefully that'll do the trick.

  2. Is there a boss in this secret area?

  3. none the hidden path is just a loot

  4. Well I'm always use elias alfine and siela went hunting or go too other please....use alfine siela and alter for more more safe battle