Sunday, 18 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Shops

There are 6 shops in Cassel Kingdom:
  • Casselburg shop
  • Ostenlein shop
  • Port City of Lar shop
  • Desert City of Guid shop
  • Amiel Villa shop
  • Peddler's shop - comes to Casselburg every 5 days

I made a spreadsheet for all shops with all the available goods when I finished the game story. Some of the goods only appear after certain events happen. For example, Bait from Fred's shop in Casselburg. He would only start selling baits after you receive a fishing rod from a customer.

Since I finished Adventure Bar Story, I started to look around for another game to play. The game I want to play from Kairosoft is still not translated to English so I decided to take a break from mobile phone games.

I saw Dwarfs and Towns from Steam, so I tried their free to play or demo version. They all just reminded me how fun Dwarf Fortress is. I only spent a few minutes on Towns since the UI is just too clumsy for me. I do appreciate how they try to make Dwarf Fortress like games though. Anyway, after trying those two games, I thought I might as well take a look and see what's happening with Dwarf Fortress. Reading is just not enough. I started to play Dwarf Fortress soon after that.  xD

Warning : Learning curve is steep. However, once learnt, it's highly addictive.

Here is some good websites about Dwarf Fortress:

That's about it I think. Time to play!

- Enna is not a bear


  1. Whr do I find the peddler? Does he come after a particular storyline unlock or every 5th day from the beginning of the game?

    1. Once Port City of Lar is unlocked, peddlers will start coming.

  2. I have another question in the desert town place how do i get to rent the lama i got to level 99 but i stil dont know how