Tuesday, 24 July 2012

No More Minecraft-sick

It has been a couple of weeks now since I started playing Minecraft again. I had a slow start due to guest in real life, and my car-sickness-like Minecraft-sick. After a week of Minecraft training, I seemed to be able to stay in the game for hours without feeling nausea. You have no idea how sick I could get with Minecraft.

A few things might have helped my Minecraft-sick situation :

  • Head Bobbing Off
  • FOV - Set to 75
  • Less Server lag
  • Getting used to the movement

The Head Bobbing gives me a really uncomfortable feeling. I turned it off since I started playing the first time ages ago.

Perble Bear suggested I should also change the FOV setting because the default is set to the lowest. I think I'm comfortable with 75.

This server I'm playing on is only about a month old. A lot of construction, for the good, was going on. Whenever they tried to do something big, I had a lot of mini roll-backs. This has improved a lot since they've done most of the work already. Also the server's moved to a better one. It seems to be a lot better these days.

Our brains are amazing at learning things without us realizing. Well, yes, even my brain.  -.-  I'm more used to the movement speed nowadays. Though yesterday my mouse was out of battery and I had to use my wired mouse to play for a bit. That brought back the nausea a tiny bit so I decided to just wait until the mouse is charged. *sigh* Yes, a new mouse is already on the NEED list.

So, good news for me, that I no longer get the really bad Minecraft-sick.

Here's a screenshot of Perble Bear in action to reply to his post yesterday. See what he is doing? He's taking the dirt of mountains away for his secret project. I should have set up a dirt shop just for him.

Mr_Kabapu taking the dirt away

- We are playing on serv.minespot.net


  1. Aww, Colin teleported to me just as I was starting to count to place the corner stone of my project, its not so secret now :P

    1. I wish they would give us a notice before they teleport to us just so we have a bit of privacy. Not that we have to get dressed. But, you know. :)

  2. Its not so secret with staff members any ways lol and didn't know you had a blog its very nice

    1. Haha, I know. I was just not used to having people jumping out of no where. :) Always thought it's a creeper or something. :D

  3. This went up a few days ago...


    1. Hey, that looks really cool. I'll have to pay you a visit one day. :D