Monday, 2 July 2012


My Pocket Clothier did the regular crash again so I thought maybe it's a hint to post something new. I suspect it might be the phone trying to connect to the network on and off. After quite a few attempts the phone gets upset and says I've had enough. Maybe. I've turned off Wi-Fi, turned off 3G. I will probably give airplane mode a go just to find out.

It's a little tricky making up this spreadsheet for fixtures. It's been quite a few playthroughs now. The required rapport for each company may not be 100%.

When a fixture is placed at its best location, a reward will be given IF

  1. You have signed up a contract with the particular company giving out the reward
  2. You have enough rapport with that particular company

Once the reward is received, it won't be taken away even if you remove the fixture.

Other Tips and Facts:

  • If the reward is not given when a fixture is place at its best location, most likely you need to build up more rapport with the company giving out the reward.
  • It's not terribly wrong placing fixtures at a spot where it's not best location or other good location. It just means it's less likely to be used by customers ( less Appeal ). However the boost it provides would stay the same.
  • Enna sometimes plays the game when she is sleepy. The recorded data may not be 100%. Please do let her know by leaving a comment if there's anything wrong with the spreadsheet. Thank you lots. :)


  1. Thanks a ton for this! I'll keep this in my bookmarked pages for future use. :)

    1. For the interesting set-ups, I tried doing the King Costume set-up, and, unless I'm doing something wrong it doesn't work. Can you check this? Thanks.

    2. What is your rapport with the company? I know some setups requires a certain rapport level to receive your reward.

  2. Lol where is the front again?

    1. "Front" positions are usually near the bottom right of the screen.