Monday, 30 July 2012

Server Rolled Back

I got on Minecraft to harvest the sugar canes. As soon as I logged in, I noticed the chat window was hot and busy - server had a roll-back.

"Oh noes!", I thought. I ran out to see if Mr_Kabapu's big castle was still there. Looked like it was, mostly.  I then went to check the goodie chest. It was not a good news. The chest where we stored all the diamond, iron blocks, red stone ...etc, was empty. Nothing left.

Why did they roll the server back? Charz started to tell the story. So earlier, Sabino gave Charz the town money from ParadiseCity bank leaving maybe only $25 in it. When the new tax day came, ParadiseCity couldn't afford the tax so it started to collapse, including its outposts. Deco's beautiful pyramid was included, and other people's nice big buildings. So people started to panic and a server roll back was done. Somehow the roll back was not perfect. It created random holes and messed up with people's chests.

It feels like the server is not very stable at the moment. I feel they might just roll back things whenever. While I can understand why they had to do the roll back last night, I lost my motivation to do more for now. I will need to see if they will give us back the things we lost - 40+ blocks of iron, 100ish diamonds, and lots of other things. It is not funny. Once I know what they are going to do with the server, I will decide what to do then. 

* Update : We got most of the important things back. Also Mr_Kabapu's castle was all patched up. We will be recovering from that easily. Thanks to the Mods and wirm for being very helpful. I am glad it turned out well in the end.

Things got messed up

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  1. Yeah, was I was a little bit aww :( when I saw the castle, didnt feel like playing for ages to repair the damage and the lose of our goodies chest was bad too. But glad all the bad damage it taken care of. I best get clearing those trees that spawned and fill in the rest of the ground and dig away the stone again on the castle grounds.

    Glad it wasnt too hard for Wirm to fix either :)