Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Farmer's Life in Minecraft

Minespot Server has a plug-in called McMMO. It adds more fun into the game if you like RPG. I do. So I picked a skill that interests me to start working on it. Farming is peaceful - I went for herbalism.

After a bit of work, I managed to reach 500. Woohoo! "Yay, maxed!" I thought. It was getting difficult in the end because the required xp to gain 1 point increases as you go higher at the skill. I took a screenshot and posted on the forum. When eneRt, the co-owner of the server, got online he teleported me to him and showed me the statue of me at the spawn. I was so happy.

wowenna reached 500 herbalism finally

As I enjoyed casual farming the day after, I gained 1 more point so that was 501. I was a little shocked. Oh dear, it means this is not over yet.  T_T

I started leveling the skill again. I found myself in the farm everyday when I play minecraft. Yesterday Mr_Kabapu gave me a nice surprise and made this huge neat farm for me. It takes more than 5 minutes to finish harvesting the whole thing. I easily gained more than 100 points yesterday and now at 800. 200 more points to go, and then it's over, right?

Mr_Kabapu's new farm

Here's a link if you'd like to read more about mcMMO : McMMO wiki

- We are playing on


  1. Haha, aww. Why did I turn the ground floor of my castle into a sugar cane field, why? :P

    Aww, but is 1000 the max? :P

    1. Was it because I kept whingeing about how slow the xp gain is? :p

      I certainly hope 1,000 is the max.

    2. I think it goes over 1000, but I wont say that :P

  2. oh how i miss this server