Wednesday, 20 June 2012

12-Month Sales Record

I was browsing through a list of trophies for Pocket Clothier. I have received everything except two :

  • 5-Month Sales Record
  • 12-Month Sales Record

Of course we have to get those two as well. But how? I thought it was impossible since the weather and economy change all the time. Those two factors make the Monthly Profit go up and down even if everything else stay the same.

It took a bit of effort but we finally did it.  *cheering*

It is most achievable at the beginning of the game. This is how we did it.

Step 1 - Increase Price to 20 %

I did this to increase the price gap I can work with. It may not be necessary but I will find out when I play again next time.

 ( Menu > Shop > Shop Policies )

Step 2 - Set up Shelves and Racks as usual while making sure Monthly Balance does not go red

Step 3 - Keep Monthly Balance as low as you can the end of the day

Before the last customer walks out of the door, you want to make sure the Monthly Balance is as low as possible but higher than the previous month. If it goes over too much, open Order Settings and click on Additional Order to do a Manual Order.

Click on Additional Order

You can order the same product again and again until you are happy with the number.

Increase the # of Orders by clicking on the left green arrow. Then Place Order

Repeat Step 2, and Step 3 until you get your trophies.

Other Tips

  • If you think your Monthly Balance is very close to the previous month, save the game - so you can reload if needed.
  • The shop is quite crowded in Month 12. You might want to buy a few more things earlier in the Month ( or Day if you prefer ). Otherwise it'll be difficult to make the next few months generate higher Monthly Profit


  1. So Pocket Clothier has achievements basically in it? ( trophies/achievements ). So do you have them all now? :)

    1. I hope I do. Just about to post a list of trophies. :p

    2. Darn I read this after posting on the other one :P

      Ok I better find my corner again :P