Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pocket Clothier Downloaded

OMG, I so don't have time to post this. I just downloaded Pocket Clothier and am already addicted to it.  XD

It looks like there are more things to manage in this game, or maybe it's just because it's new to me. However after a few months it started to make sense. As usual, I like to play through the game not knowing too much about it first. I'd say if you like any of Kairosoft's games, you will like this one for sure.

Pocket Clothier in Google Play. ( please click Here )

Please feel very welcome to e-mail me about Cafe Nippon. I will do my best to work out how to solve any issues you might have. When I gather enough of questions, I will probably make an FAQ. ( wowenna at )

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good luck :) hope you enjoy that one as much or even more than the cafe one :)

    1. Thank you. This game ( pocket clothier ) requires a lot of micro-controls. It's been keeping me busy. I just wish my phone battery lasts longer.

    2. Hehe, you'll have to remember to charge it every time before you head out, otherwise it might be flat when you need it, so bad :P

    3. >_< need another device just to play games.