Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Job List

I finally finished my first play-through of Pocket Clothier. I think I did alright. <-- hasn't really read any guides yet that's why she's saying that.

I've got a Job List and Requirement. It's now completed. I also added another sheet that's sorted by the Career names.

I only realized recently what the bonus requirement is. When we coordinate someone's outfit, say for a Comedian, if we give them a Stage Outfit and the plan went through successfully, we get some bonus rewards - usually cash and more boost items. ( 24 June 2012 )

I spent quite some time to see how I can play my Android games on PCs. I found YouWave and BlueStacks, also Android -x86. I installed BlueStacks ( yay for free software ) but it doesn't run Pocket Clothier or any other Kairosoft games I own. Some people tried YouWave and was able to play Kairosoft's games but after a while it stopped working. I am not willing to pay for something that might not work so I just gave up on that one for now. Android -x86 gets a little too complicated as I was getting hungry by the time I had a chance to look at it. Maybe some other time.

I still love playing games on my little mobile phone. There is something nice about it.  :)


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