Thursday, 14 June 2012

Auto Stock is not perfect

I have to say, the Auto Stock system in Pocket Clothier is not making much sense to me.

You see, when Auto Stock is on, your staff would order new goods in, whenever the stock is low. The staff don't check if you have clothes on shelves or racks in the shop. This creates a problem - over stocking. They really should check both.  >_<

Now, you get taxed in 3M if you have more than $100k, and have any items that reaches over 100 pieces in shop + stock.

There are a few ways to avoid 3M tax

  • Try and lower your fund before 3M - upgrades is what most people do
  • Not use Large Shelves and Racks
  • Manual ordering
  • Remove overstocked items in your store

I don't like the way it is. It means the game is a little not well thought. I tried manual ordering but it's just too much trouble.

HOWEVER, if you are sick of trying to avoid tax, like me, you might want to look at how to make big monthly profit to pay tax. Check this out : Who Cares about Tax?


  1. Hmm What is 3M though, guessing month 3, the first time I read this I thought woah 3M as 3 million. But I am guessing its month 3.

    Just curious is all trying to keep up :)

    Ok Ok I'll go back to my corner again :P

    1. Yes, Perble Bear. 3M is Month 3. Isn't it the same as Game Dev Story? You never noticed, did you? :p You can stay in the corner if you like. :p

    2. Yes yes, I'll go back and stay in my corner :p

      L________ <----- Perble Bears corner

  2. Replies
    1. On the main screen, swipe left to right ( or tab the left side of your screen near the edge ).

      You can also swipe right to left to see who are currently shopping in the store. :)