Monday, 4 June 2012

Enna News

I added a Page called "About Enna" so people get to know me a little bit.

Also changed the format of the Recipe spreadsheet. I hope it's easier to read. ( Recipes ) I will keep improving some other spreadsheet in the future.


  1. "If you replace one "n" with a "j", and reorder the letters a little bit, it becomes the name I use in RL."

    Go Enja! ... maybe Naje? No, Naje is closer to Perble bear. :p

    Seriously though, nice 'about' page Enna. ;-)

    1. =D /wave Sev Thanks for visiting.
      hehe, Enja would be a good name to use. Quite often the name Enna has been taken. I need to find a better name.