Monday, 11 June 2012

Shelves and Racks

I am finally in the second half of the game ( Pocket Clothier ) and only realized there is a better position for different types of shelves and racks

All the Shelves and Racks would be available when the requirements are met. The only one that's a little trickier is Large/Lrg Shelves. You have to actually pick the Star Staff Challenge in Month 12, and be Ranked number 1 as a result in Month 3 next year. If you never pick that challenge, you'll never get Large Shelves.

My biggest enemy is the mobile phone battery. I don't like playing while my phone is charging, but the game drains the battery so fast. The charging speed can't even catch up. Occasionally the game gets forced quit due to low battery and I'd lose some game progress. It's not just this game though. The same situation happened to some other pretty good games on my mobile phone.

I wonder if it is easier to play on a Tablet PC. My fingers feel so sore after holding the little device ( using Samsung Nexus S )  for a long time. It was okay with Cafe Nippon because I can hold it horizontally. Pocket Clothier doesn't have this option however. Hopefully they will make it available later.


  1. Hopefully it will come with an update. You know you will need to get a spare battery I think soon :P

    I found my phone's battery last a lot longer if I turn off the 3G, auto sync's and wireless connection. Think the battery last about 3 times longer that way. So maybe an extra hour or so of game play I am not sure.

    1. I tried playing on "Aeroplane mode" once but felt guilty - what if someone needs to to contact me? I am going to see if I can play on my PC. :)

  2. Hi, I like your kairo games blog (cafe & clothier so far), very helpful especially when I'm in the middle of running thru my first game on Cafe Nippon, a lot of useful information here. Anyway I play them on my galaxy tab 7.7 and it can run to almost 5 hours before the battery runs out. I find it weird that you are still running on deficit power even when plugged to the wall, do you use the official charger or a 3rd party one? Check the ampere rating on your charger.



    1. Hello, Lawrence :)

      I'm so glad you like the blog. :D :D

      I usually play in front of my computer, using a USB cable to charge my phone - I need the tabs open with all the spreadsheets in front of me when I play. I take it as a hint - time to take a break when the phone's battery runs low. That's when I think about what to post on the blog sometimes. :p

      The charger came with the phone, it says 0.15A on it. Do you reckon I should use that one instead?


    2. Guess what Lawrence, I'm going to use the charger that came with the phone. It seems to charge faster. :D :D Thank you!!!

  3. Shelving rack for mobile phone is very useful.