Friday, 1 June 2012

Tables and Decoration

I finally put myself together and converted the tables below from 大盛りグルメ食堂.

A few things about Tables and Decoration we must mention :
  • Special Guests ( Gourmet Reporter, Masked reviewer... etc. ) would only take Counters.
  • Some Clientele that come in couples, would only take 2 seat Tables even if there are Sofas available.
  • Each ❤ gives 2 points to Store Popularity ( shown in Menu > View Info > Store Info )


  1. Thanks for the list. Will update the list on gamefaqs :D

  2. Hello thank u for posting this page, how do I get grizzly bear guest to pass the food tasting event?

    1. Hi, Gbpc,

      All those special guests like good quality dishes. If you've already invited him and he was not happy, you'll have to work on the dish development to try and improve your best dish. If you haven't, give your best dish a go, since they are always willing to come back again and again until they are satisfied..

      It can be any dish with high rank/taste/appeal & inner states ( brain up / health up / appeal ...etc ).

      Hope this helps.

    2. Hi thank you for replying. I actually fed him the keiseki cuisine dish which is now SSS/SS/SS but it's maxed out, I can't seem to get any other dish higher except yakinaku but he does get past 77 points for satisfactory

    3. I meant he does not get satisfactory points past 77

    4. I had a look at this table :

      Looks like Keiseki Cuisine's max stats are Rank ★9 /Price 160 SSS / Taste 999 SSS / Appeal 999 SSS

      Try develop the dish a bit more when you have some good ingredients. ( for example, top-class pork & gold flakes )

      I follow this -
      when I develop my dishes.


    5. Ty very much. I did max it out but still I can only get near 73 points :-(

    6. Oh also the Keiseki cuisine is only 8 stars on my current game session maxed out 999/999 not 9 stars so I'm going to try a 9 star dish

    7. This is a very picky bear!

      I noticed sometimes even when the Taste and Appeal are max, the inner stats still have a lot of room to improve. Try and max out the inner stats as well. I am sure you are getting very close!

    8. Oh there are inner stats, I need to upgrade that. Is there some part of this site I can check it out? I read most of the links maybe im missing it

    9. This is how I develop my dishes :

      When I say inner stats, I mean Brain up, Health up, Texture, Aroma ...etc. There are 8 of them in total. The result is predictable. And often when they are all max, your main stats ( price, taste, appeal ) are all maxed too.

  3. I bought 2 tables and a potted plant at the beginning of my game, the money was deducted from my game but the furniture did not appear? Please help me?

    1. There are 3 different sizes of furniture.
      1. One square size - counters, TV, Bookshelves, potted plants...etc.
      2. Two square size - 2 seat tables, 4 seat tables
      3. Room size - Relaxing Room, Grand piano

      If we try to place a two square size furniture on a one square spot. It won't even show up on the list. I am guessing that's why you couldn't find your newly bought tables and potted plant. Otherwise, this is how you place furniture:

      If you are going to replace current tables with the new tables:
      1. Tap on the table you want to replace
      2. Table Info should pop up
      3. Tap on "Tap to switch" on the Table info message
      4. Switch Table message should include the tables you just bought
      5. Then tap the name of the new table twice, and you're done

      If you are placing the new table on an empty spot:
      1. Tap on the empty spot
      2. Switch Table message should include the tables you just bought
      5. Then tap the name of the new table twice, and you're done

      Hope it helps. :)

  4. Can I remodel a restaurant more than once?

    1. After a couple months the plan should reappear, so yes you can remodel more than once.

  5. Oh there are inner stats, I need to upgrade that.
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