Sunday, 3 June 2012

What Gets Carried Over

Cafe Nippon is designed to be played more than once. Once you finish your first game ( 16Y4M ), you get to start a new game with some things carried over.

I couldn't wait to change the game speed to Fast when I finished my first game. ( Menu > System > Settings )

Things Getting Carried Over

-  Dish
  • Sell Price / Taste / Appeal
  • Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma... etc.

-  Staff
  • Level
  • Salary ( Except Special Staff e.g.. Gordy Ramsly ) ( picture below, #1 )
  • Speed / Appeal / Cooking / Research
  • Skills Learned ( including the levels )
  • Job Experience ( including the levels )

Things NOT Getting Carried Over

-  Staff EXP on a particular Job Level ( picture above, #2 )
-  Tables and Decorations
-  Recipes
-  Money
-  Clientele

Thank goodness Lazycat showed me the w3schools web site to learn a bit of html earlier. It hasn't been so much fun playing around with those pictures and format today.

Perble Bear mailed me some more biscuits last week. They are so tasty. I hope I won't finish them too quickly.

I was so happy the other day when I read Belidan's comment on "Pocket Clothier". Thanks for visiting my blog. I will do my best to keep it up.


  1. Thank you for the info. Just starting a new game now~

  2. what about found/purchased ingredients?

  3. This may be a really stupid question but how do you start a new question with your dishes and staff from the last game?
    When I went to the title and selected "New game" on my previous save (I played it a little longer than 16 years), it had me go through the tutorial again and none of my dishes or staff carried over. Am I supposed to wait it out or did I mess up somewhere? I just got worried about having to do the whole 16 years from scratch

    1. The dishes and staff don't get carried over. But their stats do. So you still have to make dishes and hire staff, but when you have them, their stats will not start from scratch. Remember to change your staff's jobs though. They tend to get set back to Rookie and Trainee when you start a new game. :)

  4. Is it just me or am I not able to play the game a third time?
    I haven't unlocked all possible staff so I wanna play again!

    1. I never have trouble making new games. I have played more than three times. :D

      What I do is, on the title screen,
      - click Start
      - click a saved game ( 3 options here - Continue, New Game, Delete )
      - click on New Game
      - ready to start your new cafe

      You will lose the game save once you start a new game. Carry overs will still work though.

    2. Oh! ok i got it thanks!! yay can't wait to play again! :)

  5. If I play after year 16 to develop my dishes will that be carried over when I start a new game? I would rather play and max my dishes out and then start over.

    1. Everything pass the year 16 mark will not be carried over to the next game. Some people do prefer to continue playing without making another new game. That's perfectly okay too. :)

  6. I love your blog! It's so helpful! However none of my food stats got carried over to my new game.. I'm fairly certain I leveled them up before the end of the last game.

    1. =O None of them? That's really odd. :( Pretty sure they do get carried over. I hope your game is not bugged.

    2. same here. when i start a new game, i get 1 star dishes und just the recipes from these 3 :(

    3. :( awww, maybe if you try and level them up at least once they will "remember" the previous stats carried over from the previous game. :(

  7. Hi. 2019 here :)
    I really love your blog! Just one question though if you don't mind. If i made a 'copy' of a certain dish, does that copy will be carried over to the new game? Thank you so much in advance.