Thursday, 17 May 2012

Starting Menu

Diablo 3 is out so there is less time to spend on running a Cafe. It is my first priority to keep the world safe and balanced.  :p

I decided to start a new Cafe yesterday. Just so I can take some nice screenies and pay more attention to details.

Which Starting Menu should I pick this time? It makes it a lot easier starting with a good dish. I picked the Japanese Menu because I have already made my Chicken Bowl perfect in the previously games.

Cafe Nippon Starting Menu

In case you prefer text, there are four starting menus
   1. Snacks : Rice, Karaage, Toast
   2. Japanese : Chicken Bowl, Udon, Seafood Soup
   3. Chinese : Fried Rice, Shumai, Veggie Stir Fry
   4. Western : Omelette, Spaghetti, Salad

Hmm, Cafe names...
I have made a few Cafes :
   1. SunnyBunny : What I use sometimes as a nickname when I play games.
   2. All Blue : Related to an anime called "One Piece".
   3. Sanjino : Related to an anime called "One Piece", again.
   4. Genki : a Japanese word meaning full of life or energetic. Isn't it nice to be Genki? :)
This new Cafe is going to be named Diablo 3. Can't think of anything else right now.  -.-

Let's go kill Diablo together!! *cough cough* I mean, let's open more restaurants and make delicious food to serve our customers!


  1. I agree Diablo needs to be dealt with :) :p

  2. Sorry I missed you in Diablo tonight Enna, didn't realise the server was shutting down - will have to catch you over the weekend. ;-)

    1. No worries, Sev. We'll catch up again soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. :D

  3. i found snack t be easy for beginners because you get Yakitori in few month and get my daily profit +1500 - 2000.
    i have not notice this with other 3.