Thursday, 17 May 2012

Where Do You Get Shark?

It was from the 3rd chest we found at that place, Veggie Market in Greenville. We opened the chest up and found those pieces of paper:

3rd Chest, Veggie Market, Greenville

Oh, yes! More Recipes!! So you need Shark Fin Soup + Caviar + Foie Gras to make Bird's Nest Soup. What about Shark Fin Soup? As you see in the picture, Shark Fin Soup Recipe is missing more than half of the paper!

Could this Bird's Nest Soup be our masterpiece dish? Could it be the most expensive, exotic food we are able to serve our customers? Do you know where to get Shark meat?

We started to panic. We decided to go through all the treasure hunting places to find the recipe. Or even, maybe the Pumpkin company may sell Shark meat? We talked to all the customers, served them all kinds of dishes even if they are not very profitable.

We found nothing. T_T Our chefs were all very anxious. WHAT IF other restaurants found the recipe FIRST!? We Googled, and Wikied. To our surprise, we found the Shark Fin Soup Recipe from 大盛りグルメ食堂. The Japanese had made it already. Luckily they were so kind and shared the secret.

The truth is
  • There is no Shark in Cafe Nippon. ( They made it that way so it's safe for kids to play. :p )
  • Shark Fin Soup is made of Seafood Soup, Tasty Fish, and Secret Sauce.
  • The Shark Fin Soup Recipe is discovered by Chefs developing dishes.

Note: The Story above is made up by Enna for entertaining purpose. She sometimes thinks she lives in the game she plays. She also talks about herself as a third person occasionally. For the full list of Cafe Nippon Recipe, please click Here.


  1. Hehe at - There is no Shark in Cafe Nippon. ( They made it that way so it's safe for kids to play. :p )


  2. Aww, stop picking on me, Perble Bear. How are you explaining there's no Shark in the game then. :p I'm pretty sure lots of people are looking for it just like Enna.

  3. But I have to pick on you its what Perble Bear's do best :P

    Its easy to explain how there is no sharks in the game I put a lot of thought into it and figured it out :) the shark fins are in the secret sauce, that's the sauce's secret :P

  4. omg, is that why? sounds convincing. :p