Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My First Cafe Nippon Game

I am not the type to read about it before I play. So I started the game without knowing anything. The assistant in the game was good enough explaining all the basics.

Money was an issue. It went red almost every time after the staff got paid. We then had to skip all the 4M Ingredient Search, sometimes the whole year, which was a little upsetting. We decided to stop spending after 10M until the staff got paid next year. That seemed to work out alright in the end.

I was picky with hiring at the start. I'd pick the person with best stats out of the three. I sometimes hire them by their looks, ( shhh ), or their names. Only learned later that you end up having to hire them all anyway. I tried negotiating with those special traveling chefs. Gordy Ramsly was easy going, but Alton Green was such a snub. I spent all my cash throwing lots of gifts to Alton Green but in the end he still gave me a No. I then decided not to hire more of those special chefs in my first game.

Time went by so slowly. I couldn't change the game speed to Fast since it was my first game.

I made sure I had rank 1 in all five towns before the game ended. However I was surprised to receive a Bronze Trophy when the game ends at 16Y4M. I thought I did better.

That's pretty much what happened in my first play through. I made lots of mistakes. I wondered where to find Shark the whole game that's why I wrote about it in one of my posts earlier. ( read it here )

Things I've done right in my first game

  • Developed Chicken Bowl as much as I could - so the next game I can have a delicious Chicken Bowl to serve
  • Managed to save up later in the game - After paying the staff the numbers always went red, so I decided to limit my spending after 10M, it worked out alright in the end.
Gosh, I can't think of any other things I've done right in my first game. -.-

Things I shouldn't have done in my first game

  • Running expansive Plans starting of the year, which resulted not being able to go Ingredient Search in 4M, sometimes the whole year It was bad. :(
  • Tried hiring special staff without saving the game first - I failed one and spent all the money
  •  Serving many Dishes in stores - each Dish listed would add up to the monthly cost, serving one Dish per Store is ideal

I have a few things in mind to post in the near future :
  1. A list of Tables and Decorations ( done! read it Here 8 June 2012)
  2. How to Rank Up your restaurants ( done, too! read it Here 8 June 2012 )
  3. What I'd like to achieve in Cafe Nippon ( still thinking 8 June 2012 )
  4. Improve some of the Tables I've already posted ( done a few, working on it 8 June 2012 )
I'm pretty sure I am still missing some here. But that's all I can think of for now.

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