Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to Get New Clientele

Yay! My Cafe Diablo 3 finally finished. Who would have thought I am still playing this game.  :p

Remember I was trying to finish a project? I was trying to complete this table for Clientele.

Some Clienteles come right from the start of the game, some take efforts to bring them in. Most of them after a while ( when they reach 30 points ish ), they would give out a planning proposal. If you run the plan, in most cases would bring you a new customer.

If Condition A meets first, you get a popped out message, saying so and so can now come to the restaurant.
If Condition B meets first, the new Clientele will start coming in quietly.
We just need either Condition A or B to get a new customer.

The fastest way to get new Clienteles is to run those Plans as soon as you get them.

Some Condition As are left blank because I haven't worked out what they are. It could be food or other events.

Enjoy the table! :D :D :D  ( Time to play some real Diablo 3 for me! )

Thank you, MoonBeagle, for the professional advice on how to make my spreadsheet more readable. <3

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