Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ingredients and the Numbers

Edit 21 Sep 2012
Thanks to Seebs pointing out some errors in the previous Ingredient Effects Spreadsheet. It's now re-checked and updated. ( Some values are different from 大盛りグルメ食堂 but this spreadsheet is re-done based on our English Version Cafeteria Nipponica. )

I knew each ingredient has different effects on dishes. But someone actually worked out and recorded all those little numbers. I am pretty sure some people would be interested to know them all. I translated ( and guessed ) the table from the Japanese Wiki Site ( 大盛りグルメ食堂 ). Now we know how to develop dishes better.  :D

H : Health Up
B : Brain Up
T : Texture
Ar : Aroma
Ap : Appearance
V : Volume
R : Rarity
C : Charisma

You can also use the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the info sorted in different ways. The previous spreadsheet is still kept just in case that's the one you prefer. ( use the little " < " or " > " to scroll left and right )

If you are looking for the ingredient combinations that would only give positive results, please click Here.

Thanks to MoonBeagle for helping me making the table.  ^_^


  1. Thanks for the table.
    But I'm wondering, how do we tell which ingredients are compatible?

    1. Ahh, made me read a bit. :p

      Now I understand more I can answer your question properly.

      When we go through the Ingredient List, we can see (on the bottom of the popped up screen) whether it is compatible with the Dish. It can be Perfect, Good, Normal, Bad, Doubtful.

      The compatibility effects Taste and Appeal. When we go through the list of Ingredients, as long as we pick the Good or Perfect ones, the combination is compatible. Each dish has a maximum Taste and Appeal though. If you get a message saying it's compatible but not effective, it means you've maxed the Taste and Appeal.

      Hope it helps. ^_^

    2. Yes, thanks!
      I also finally figured out that 'upgrades' are generally useless haha

    3. Thanks for dropping by again. ^_^

      I haven't found it worthwhile doing 'upgrades', either. Some people use it when the dishes are close to perfect. I don't really pay much attention to whether the ingredients are compatible myself. I just pick whatever that gives best stat gain.

  2. Can you help me how do I raise the price of the dish by
    a lot?

    1. Each Dish has its price cap, so you might want to look at

      to see how much more you can raise the price for first. After that, you can follow,

      In most cases, use Top-Class Pork and Gold Flakes until they no longer effect the dish, then use Aged Cheese to make it perfect.

  3. Thanks for all these!

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  5. How do you get top tier things (EX: Top-Class Pork and Caviar)? I am such a noob XD

    1. Forgot I get better items from getting higher tier restaurants and going on to trips. :) Thanks anyway!