Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hina's Soba

I finally got my Soba dish from the Housewife Hina. It took me a few game years.

I decided to have all three restaurants serving rice dishes only. One fine afternoon, Hina came and tried one of the dishes. She walked up to me and said (with tears in her eyes) "Thank you for your delicious rice." while holding a bowl of soba noodles.  :p   I am not sure which rice dish she liked the best. Most people mentioned it would be the Crab Fried Rice. I did not care. I quickly thanked her and took the Soba off her hand.  :p

It is not a big deal without Soba. It just feels like I didn't get that point if I didn't have it. I will try serving her a rice dish when I invite her next time in the new game. Maybe that will make things easier.

"To get soba, you need to first unlock all housewife clientele. You start with artist, who gives you the point card plan. That plan unlocks Lingerie Seller. She'll give you the inn alliance plan, which unlocks the Adventurer. The Adventurer gives you the theme song plan, which unlocks the Singer. The Singer gives you the mineral water plan, which unlocks the Celebrity. She gives you the celebrity endorsement plan, which unlocks the TV Personality. The TV Personality gives you the free meal ticket plan, which unlocks the Executive Secretary. Finally, when you have enough points from the Executive Secretary AND you have Seafood Soup on the menu, the final housewife, Hina, will approach you about wanting to try your soup, which unlocks her. You must also have Rice on the menu because she will only give you the soba if she eats the rice."  ----  Sandiera Kairospot

Now that's one thing done. I will get back to developing new dishes again.  :D

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