Thursday, 24 May 2012

Develop Dishes Without Any Ingredients

Enna has been so silly. She did not know it is possible to develop dishes without any ingredients. Yup, she, not me. -.-

Select the Dish you wish to develop, Remove all the Ingredients, Start Cooking!

Now Enna can reproduce her Chicken Bowl without waiting for the hard-to-get-in-the-early-months Boned Chicken and Rice. She can also make extra high rank dishes without wasting ingredients or getting the perfect attributes effected.

We had a Top-Grade Sushi with all attributes maxed to 100, but the Taste/Appeal was 899/999.  ( The maximum Taste/Appeal for this dish is 999/999. ) When we tried developing it without any ingredients, the Taste went all the way up to 999. Wasn't it wonderful!  =D

Yeah, I know I know. I decided to spend some time playing Diablo 3 the other night, but the server was down for maintenance.  T_T  Therefore, I started a new Cafe called Happy Enna.


  1. Reminds me of cooking with booze in Dwarf Fortress! This is a stack of exceptional Dwarven Rum Biscuits. The ingredients are finely minced Dwarven Rum, minced dwarven Rum, and finely minced Dwarven Rum.

    1. ahh, the good old times. I really liked Dwarf Fortress. Thanks for getting me to play that game. :D

  2. can you explain this more? pic is not loading on my tab