Thursday, 17 May 2012

Treasure Chests

The first time I played Cafe Nippon ( Cafeteria Nipponica ), I often had trouble getting enough fund to do Treasure Hunts. April was almost always a bad month since we pay the staff in March. I haven't had any trouble since the second time I started the game though. I decided to only serve my most expensive dish unless I am after something special.

Treasure Hunts happens on Month 1, 4, 7, 10 every year.

Food Info helps finding chests.
  • Food Info Lv1 equipped : 1.5 people
  • Food Info Lv2 equipped : 2    people
  • Food Info Lv3 equipped:  3    people
Take Local Woods as an example :
If you send one person with Food Info Lv3 equipped, that is all you need to discover a chest there.

Heavenly Hills > Kario Island > Chest #6 is unlocked when Heavenly Hills reaches ranking #1.

The info used in the table above is from  大盛りグルメ食堂. Translated and edited by Enna.

For info about what Ingredients you can get from Treasure Hunts, please click ( here ).


  1. Just a little correction:

    The hidden treasure chest at Local Farms is unlocked by the third treasure at the Fishery (Vending Machine), not the second.

    1. Thank you! I will make a change now. ^_^

  2. How to find Matsutake??

    1. It can be found in Heavenly Hills when you go treasure hunting.

      When you go to Heavenly Hills > Dept. Store , there's always a chance to find Matsutake there.