Sunday, 27 May 2012

Best Ingredients for Developing Dishes?

Edit: Updated some of the values. ( 4 Nov 2012 )

Maybe if I were a good programmer -- but I'm not. Plus I don't think I can be bothered to use my human eyes and brain to sort this out by hand. *sigh*

Maybe Lazycat can do it? He is the best person at solving this sort of problem using his programming code. Let's ask him! I linked him the Ingredient Effects and anxiously waited for his reply. "No problem." OMG, he said yes.

I was too excited to sit still so I left to do the dishes. Within an hour, I got the result and the code itself!

Here's what I requested for :

A list of Ingredient combinations that would only give positive effect on the dish to be developed.

With a bit of editing, I came up with two tables.
  1. Aged Cheese is not involved
  2. Aged Cheese is involved
Aged Cheese is the only Ingredient that would give all the attributes a plus. However it can be difficult to get. You might want to save it till your Dish is nearly perfect.

Before you say IT DOES NOT WORK, please read the explanation after the Tables.

Table 1. Aged Cheese not involved

Table 2. Aged Cheese involved

Okay, Let's explain.

Why does it not work sometimes? It gets tricky when the Dish in development is close to perfect. Have a look at the pictures below. We can see, when the same Ingredients are put in different orders, we get different results because it follows two rules:

  1. Whenever the attribute is over 100, it's set to 100
  2. 1st Ingredient first. -- The game actually adds up the Ingredient 1's attributes to the Dish first, calculates it, and then adds the 2nd Ingredient's up.

Take P 1, Brain Up attribute as an example:
     Top-Class Pork does +22 to Brain Up, but Gold Ice Cream is already 100, so it's set to 100, then Gold Flakes does -11, so the final result is 89.

Let's look at P 2 Brain Up attribute:
     Gold Flakes does -11, to Gold Ice Cream's 100 -- that's 89. Then Top-Class Pork's +22 brings it over 100, so we get 100 as a result.

P 1. Top-Class Pork 1st, Gold Flakes 2nd

P 2. Gold Flakes 1st, Top-Class Pork 2nd

That's why, with Table 1, when your Dishes are close to perfect, you might not get the result you expect. However, with Table 2, as long as Aged Cheese is the second Ingredient, you can expect the attributes buffed up.

Tips and facts:

- Aged Cheese and Green Onion are the only two ingredients having no negative effects.

And of course, if the result is still not as expected after you've finished reading this, it is probably just me having some typos.  :p  Please do let me know. Thank you.

Many thanks to Lazycat again for being so amazing.  :D

Seebs made a really cool applet to help us find the best possible combination based on the ingredients we have, with this tool there is no need for guess work anymore.
"... lets you enter a dish's current stats, select the ingredients you have, and it'll tell you which combination gives the largest boost to stats." - Seebs
Here's a link to it : The Cool Seebs Applet  ( Thank you, Seebs! )

Have fun cooking!

- Enna


  1. :3 Glad you were able to give me an interesting problem! Nothing much at my website yet though, I'll have to work hard to ensure there's some real content there!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much, Enna and Lazycat!
    These tables are pure awesomeness!

    1. So happy you like them! I give all credits to Lazycat. Got to love geeks. =D

  3. This is the most useful page ever.

    1. I was over excited the night Lazycat did his programming trick for me. It took me quite some time to fall asleep. :p I can't believe I was that excited about some extracted data. This really made dish development so much easier though. :D /cheer Lazycat

  4. While I'm here, I might as well ask... Once you have these sub-stats up on a dish to around 90-100, how would you go about raising Price/Taste/Appeal without bringing down these sub-stats too much?

    1. I usually pick higher rank ingredients in the end. I haven't seen any Price/Taste/Appeal drops when I use this table. If anything, sometimes if ingredients ranks are a little low, Price/Taste/Appeal don't seem to increase as much.

      In most cases, the Price/Taste/Appeal are also maxed, when the sub-stats all reach 100. Rarely happened to me, one stat may just miss a few points, then I try my luck developing the dish using no ingredients, or using Aged Cheese, Aged Cheese/Caviar if I'm desperate. That usually does the trick for me. Price/Taste/Appeal have some random factors when it comes to dish development. If you want to save ingredients, "load" is your best friend. :p

    2. I've been maxing one dish, and i'm just about 100 on all inner stats, but my price/taste/appeal are B/D/E rank respectively... I'm not seeing any drop in the numbers, but they usually don't raise after development either. Hmm, i'll figure it out. ;)

    3. Oh jeez, I feel like a dummy :c I just realized you have a price/taste/appeal cap table and the reason my stats don't move is cause they're already maxed (Aside from price, but its almost there)... /sigh! Well, onto the next dish!

    4. Oh! Problem solved. Good. hehe :) I wondered about that for a while too, when I didn't know there are caps. :)

    5. I assumed I'd be able to rank up to A in all of them, even if the numbers weren't on par with some of the better dished. ie. I thought the lettered ranks would scale to each dish... Alas, they do not. :)

    6. Nope, not under Kairosoft's rule. :)

  5. Hmmm , using Internet explorer i cant seem to select any dishes under the main dish for the seebs applet

    1. I tried Seebs's applet using my Internet Explorer and it worked for me. I am not sure why it doesn't work for you. I am guessing it's related to Java. Does your computer/device run java?

  6. Is Kaiseki in the applet? I can't seem to see it...

    1. I just had a look. It doesn't look like it's in the applet. I will e-mail Seebs to see if he will add the missing dishes. Thanks for letting me know. :)

    2. I just thought of something. You don't really need the exact dish to find out what the best ingredients are for it. It should be enough just putting the dish stats down.

      The only good thing about picking the exact dish is probably so you won't accidently create a new dish while trying to improve the current one. If that happens, hit "Do it", it should give you its next best suggestion. Hope this helps. :)

    3. Well, that works. Now I have an SSS Taste/Appeal/Price Kaiseki with full sub-stat.
      Tell him for me that the applet is cool, will you? ;)

    4. I will! Thank you for the feedback. ^_^

  7. Such a great job you have done. I just start to play this again and find out that there were so many things that I miss out. Thank you so much Enna.