Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to Develop A Perfect Dish

I have been wanting to do a guide about Dish Development in Cafe Nippon, but you know me, I try and avoid posting guides.  >_<  Anyway, I will give it a go here.

What I am going to explain is how Enna develops her perfect dishes in the game. There are other ways to develop dishes but this is how she does it. I am going to cover two main parts here :

  • Taste, Appeal, and Price
  • Inner Stats : Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma, Appearance, Volume, Rarity, Charisma

If you don't like the details, this is my favorite way :
  1. Use Top-Class Pork as the 1st Ingredient, and Gold Flakes as the 2nd - Keep using this combination until there's no effect on the Dish's Inner Stats ( 100, 89, 100, 95, 100, 84, 100, 100 )
  2. Use Aged Cheese ( one Ingredient only ) to develop, creating the final Dish with all Inner Sats 100.

Next, we will talk about the details.

Taste, Appeal, and Price

When we pick our Ingredients, we can see how compatible it is to the Dish we are developing. The compatibility levels are : 
  1. Bad
  2. Doubtful
  3. Normal
  4. Good
  5. Perfect
If we mix ingredients that are either Bad or Doubtful, you will see a massage popping up half way of the development saying they are not compatible. If we choose a combination that are either Good or Perfect, we get a message saying they are compatible.

Not CompatibleBad/Bad, Bad/Doubtful, Doubtful/Bad, Doubtful/Doubtful, Bad/Normal, Doubtful/Normal

CompatiblePerfect/Perfect, Perfect/Good, Good/Perfect, Good/Good, Perfect/Normal, Good/Normal

Price is generally effected by the rank of the ingredients. If we pick Gold Flakes, we can almost always get a Price Increase.

However, in the later play-throughs, I realized Taste, Appeal, and Price are a little random. It can generate different results even if we use the same Ingredients on the same Dish. That's when I realized I should focus on the Inner Stats first.

Inner Stats

Inner stats are totally predictable. You can even work out how many times you need to develop the Dish to make it perfect.

Each Dish has 8 Inner Stats : Health Up, Brain Up, Texture, Aroma, Appearance, Volume, Rarity, Charisma. Each Stat is represented by a number, from 0 to 100.

Each Ingredient also has 8 Inner Stats. However it's not shown in the game. Luckily we've got them all worked out. ( Ingredients and Numbers )

Before we see some examples, let's see how Dish Development works. There are 2 steps :
  1. Adds 1st Ingredient's stats to Dish's stats
  2. Adds 2nd Ingredient's stats to the result of Step 1
So you can see, it's not adding two Ingredients' Stats together and then add to the Dish's Stat. That's why we can get different result when we put the Ingredients in different orders.

Example 1

Example 2

Notice numbers are capped at 100.

When Inner Stats are increased, Taste/Appeal/Price would usually increase at the same time. I haven't got any Taste/Appeal/Price decrease since I started using the combinations that would only increase all Inner Stats. ( Best Ingredients for Developing Dishes? )

In most cases, when Inner Stats all reach 100, the Taste/Appeal/Price are also at their maxed values. ( Taste/Appeal/Price Caps ) However, sometimes Taste/Appeal/Price are not yet capped. When this happens, I simply Develop the Dish without any Ingredients. Eventually they will be at the capped values. I sometimes throw in an Aged Cheese to increase the chance of making Taste/Appeal/Price capped.

Tips and facts :
  • Chef's Cooking skill effects the time needed for Dish Development. A Chef with 999 Cooking skill can finish developing in one night.
  • The higher the Dish Rank is, the more the Exp the Chef will receive ( Rank 9 Dish gives 900 Exp; Rank 6 Dish gives 600 Exp. )
  • Simply Develop a Dish without any Ingredients to make a "Copy" of the Dish.

Useful Spreadsheets : See all spreadsheets available Here


  1. awesome guide you got here! just what i needed, since i'm having difficulty developing dishes D: i always wondering what makes the price sometimes go down, so it's a random result right? :|

    it'd be great if you could make a guide for sushi spinnery and kairobotica sometime later :p

    1. Thank you, Cho. Which game are you playing next? Sushi Spinnery or Kairobotica? I have been playing Minecraft recently but I heard Kairobotica is great fun to play.

      The price is kind of random in the way that you can't really predict the exact result. However if we pick the ingredients that would increase the overall result ( for the inner stats ), it should be safe to say the price won't drop.

    2. currently i'm playing Kairobotica, and i really love it! you should try to play it, i think it's more fun than Sushi Spinnery, kinda reminds me of Epic Astro Story and Dungeon Village, both are also my favorite Kairosoft games :D

    3. I heard many good things about Kairobotica. It's on my to play list. :D I'm currently playing Minecraft. XD Wanna join? :p

    4. i never played Minecraft >_< seems like a lot of people are crazy over this game, right? i used to get addicted to online games (especially Ragnarok & MapleStory), so i decided to stop playing these kind of games for now. Maybe i'm gonna try to play Minecraft later when the time is right XD

      by the way, i finally finished Kairobotica, but the bonus levels are sooo difficult >__>

    5. I love Ragnarok! I met a couple of wonderful people from the game. Poporing was my favourite monster in that game. :D :D

      Minecraft : At least with this game, I don't have to subscribe. You just pay the game once and it's all yours. But yes, better wait till the time is right. :D

      Kairobotica : Aww, it sounds like a fun game. Are you going to play again? :D

      Thanks for coming by again. It's so nice to hear from you.

    6. ah yes Poporing, a cute little monster indeed! arghh now i really wanna play RO again, it must have been 4-5 years since the last time i played it :( gotta change the subject! >__>

      i'm gonna play Kairobotica again, but only after i finish Sushi Spinnery, right now i'm in Y15 and i haven't got 5 stars yet cuz the amenity point is still too low XD

    7. I saw a game called お住まい夢物語 on the Japanese wiki. I already like the game just seeing the one picture on the web site. I'm looking forward to playing it. Hope it will be the next to be translated. xD

      Remember to rest your eyes and fingers after playing the games for a while. :p Have a good weekend.

    8. wow, a pic of married couple, little baby and house interior? kinda reminds me of The Sims lol XD

      just out of curiosity, i guess you seem to know Japanese language? :D

      oh, thanks to Kairosoft, the only times i remember to rest my eyes and fingers are when i get hungry and when my phone battery is low :p

    9. I love the Sims. I've only played the first one when it just came out. It was good fun.

      I recognize a few Japanese Characters that's about it. There are some common characters between Japanese and Chinese, so it helps a little bit. But, no, usually Google helps me work out roughly what it means. Do you speak any other languages?

      haha, yes, games are "good" like that. :) Some people drink to get away from worries, I play games instead. :p

    10. Google Translate tells me that the game you posted up there^ is some kind of apartment-complex management sim. There are quite a few Kairosoft games that I haven't played and most of them look interesting enough to play through at least once... This is just another potential candidate. :p

      Enna, are you playing these games on Android or iPhone?

    11. When that game is out, I will be playing. :D

      I'm playing on Android. What about you? Would you mind e-mailing me? :)

  2. Hi enna,
    Love your guide- very detailed!
    Just one question- right now I have the sharks fin soup at level E for both taste and appeal stats! I try upgrading with compatible ingredients but it ends up only "+0" for all 3 stats! Even when I choose to develop the dish with those ingredients it's all "+0"! What am I doing wrong?

    Hope you can help! Thank you!

    1. Did you mean upgrading from the dish menu? I haven't had much experience doing so. I usually just develop the dishes. If I had to guess though, maybe you need to use higher rank compatible ingredients to upgrade more.

      My game is broken at the moment - text all over the place. :(

      But if it doesn't do much when you develop them, most likely you'll need to wait till later when you find better ingredients (higher ranks and better stats). Once you get hold of top-class pork and gold flakes, you are pretty much all set. :D

    2. Also, try and focus on the inner stats ( Brain up, Health Up, Taste...etc. ) first. And the taste/appeal/price will raise later. Sometimes those three don't change if the ingredients don't have much effect on the inner stats.

      When you develop dishes, just ignore the compatibility. The inner stats are the ones that really matters.

      If it is still giving you a hard time, I might need to see more details to be able to help out. Good luck!

  3. Alright Enna will try that!

    Thank you!!

  4. What does dish development really means in details

    1. We can only improve dish qualities through dish development. When dishes have good stats, customers will like them more and you'll get better rating. And all the effort will bring more customers and $$.

  5. Hello Enna, Thanks For The Guide, It Really Helps Me Out!

  6. Enna, looks like it's been quiet on here for ages but just want to say thanks for all this useful info! Love this game...

  7. and i thought i am the last one to pick up on cafe niponnica. thanks for the guide, will definitely use it on my next playthrough :-)

    1. Haha. Just started playing the game too.
      Thank you for the guide..well done.

    2. Also thanks for the guide another couple years later. Playing this on switch... been sinking time into every kairosoft game on the switch.